Bringing Great Fashion Back to the Casino

Regardless of your definition of casino, you still want to hold yourself to a certain dress code when you go there. Not just to respect the casino, but it’s nice to always head out for a night of fun looking your best.

So here’s a simple guide for the guys on how to dress to impress and still be comfortable while doing it.


Khaki Pants

When you stick to playing slot machines online, you could drop the formality. But casinos are different. You can’t just get away a simple pair of jeans. Instead, consider khaki pants, or a less formal dress pant in a block colour. That way they can go with essentially everything. Not only that, but there are many colours to pick from to match your style.


Clean Jeans

If the casino has a casual dress code and you’re not looking to attract attention, go for this. At the same time, remember you are wearing jeans so consider getting a nice shirt to go with it. Not to mention a nice tie too. and while you’re at it, make sure the jeans fit properly, no one wants to see a saggy butt.




Another idea for men is a pair of loafers. While travelling, you’re probably wearing sneakers. That’s easy, but not the best attire for casinos. Instead, try loafers as they look nicer and most casinos will be cool with them.


Button-Down Shirt

People think you have to always wear a white button-down shirt at the casino but that’s not always the case. In fact, avoid that look. Be a little creative and go for something different.

This isn’t to say you want Hawaiian print shirts or shirts with symbols or slogans. Instead, go for a solid shirt or a shirt with patterns.


If you’re a big spender and cutting six-figures at casinos, people would care less about what you wear. But until then, adhere to the casino’s dress codes. In these cases, these fashion ideas will help you adhere to that code and have a fun time.



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