Escape to Breathless Resort and Spa Cancun

Once in a while, we have the opportunity to travel somewhere special, somewhere out of the ordinary, with beautiful weather, amazing food, the most friendly people, and a place that has no children. Where is this heavenly place? Well, it’s Breathless Resort and Spa Cancun.

Recently I made my way down to beautiful Cancun Mexico to join AM Resorts for the opening of the newest gem in their collection of outstanding hotels.

Breathless is truly the perfect name as the views will quite literally take your breath away.

Breathless Resort and Spa Cancun offers 400 rooms, 10 restaurants, 3 pool, 2 jacuzzis and 1 spa, and sits about 30 minutes from Cancun proper and is just a short ride from the airport. Nestled right on a white sand beach this adults-only hotel has so much to offer.

So what made the vacation truly perfect?

The Room:

When I first entered the room I was taken by how modern yet comfortable it was. From the glass shower to the wood floors, this ultra modern suite had a lovely sitting area, breakfast nook, stocked bar, en suite espresso and coffee maker, the most comfortable bed, ever. The crowning jewel of my sweet, well that was the perfect private pool that lead right up to the deck outside of my room.

While I was there by myself, this room was quite actually the most romantic spot I’ve ever stayed.

Room Rating: 5/5

The Food:

I’ve been on many “all-inclusive” vacations over the years and my biggest qualm is usually the food, but at Breathless I was blown away by the quality and the attention to detail at Breathless Resort and Spa Cancun.

Not only are the 10 restaurants, which range from Japanese to French, Mexican to Mediterranean tapas, the room service was also the best i’d ever had while on an all-inclusive trip.

What really knocked my socks off was the Japanese food, I wouldn’t usually even bother having sushi in Mexico but I wanted to dive right into everything that Breathless so I just had to try it out. Not only was the sushi some of the best that I had ever had anywhere, all the food from room service and all 5 restaurants (that I tried out) was top notch and just made the whole experience that was already fantastic, even better.

Food Rating: 4.5/5

The Resort “Breathless”:

The view at night.

Sitting on a stunning white sand beach this brand new luxury resort is made for those who want something better, want to escape and want an entire vacation that is child free, aka me!

From huge pools to the huge jacuzzi, the smart and modern architecture, to the beautiful flowers and greenery the entire resort is like a shiny new postcard. I couldn’t take a bad photo of the local if I tried.

Day after day I just took in the beauty of breathless, the beach, sunsets and of course, Mexico.

Resort Rating 5/5

All the extras:

The Beach at Breathless 


Where do I even start? Well I have to mention how amazing the staff of the hotel was, from the cleaning staff to the bartenders, everyone was super friendly and upbeat, they all seemed to be truly happy to help with anything we needed. The food was on point, also the mixologist knew how to make any drink they were asked to make which is almost never the case on all inclusive vacations, they even made a mean Mexican Caesar.

The resort also offers; Spa, live shows in a massive theatre, a state of the art nightclub, mini shows, bingo and games, foam parties, tastings, theme night and the list goes on and on.

Extras Rating: 5/5

The view from the pool at Breathless Resort and Spa Cancun.


This vacation was the best all inclusive trip I have ever been on hands down, and that’s saying a lot, as I could go on for another 3000 words about why I loved it, but I think I’ve made my case from why I gave Breathless Cancun my highest rating for all inclusive locations with an astonishing 19.5/20 that’s an almost perfect, which pretty much sums up breathless. Perfection.

If you have the change go, you too will find not only one of my favourite new spots, but you too may just find yourself, Breathless.



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