Body Goals and how I achieved them in 2017

It was about a year ago. I got up in the morning, looked at myself shirtless in the mirror and realized I had gained some weight. Unlike my past self, I had recently let myself eat what I wanted most of the time, I had stopped working out, and due to my job, I was drinking and having a good old time pretty much on the regular.

That same day I weighed myself and to my horror, I had gained 28 pounds. Now don’t get me wrong, I knew I had gained weight, but for someone who has spent most of his adult life in pretty good shape, it kinda stung to see that gain.

I let the holidays roll through and managed to pack on another 5 pounds so that I actually had a gut for the first time in my adult life. I didn’t feel fat, but I felt off, and I was in need of a change.

So on January 31, 2017 I sat down and came up with a plan, I was going to spend the next 5 months of the year with cardio and just losing that extra jiggle and then I would spend the latter half of the year building muscle and toning.

The 5 months flew by, day after day walking, running, climbing. Pretty much any cardio that I could do, I did, no matter how fast or slow.

The weight came off bit by bit and as I adjusted my eating habits I saw more changes, but I needed more.

That’s when I walked into Studio K-O and Studio Lagree looking to really take my body, my fitness and my determination to a whole new level.

I would spend the next 3 months training hard, day in and day out. I would visit Studio K-O to box, and Studio Lagree to do their amazing workout, that’s most similar to strength training meets Pilates.

At Studio K-O you box, you move, you bob, you weave, squat, jump, run, punch, block, bike, push-up…You name it we did it.

Since the no one class is ever really the same at Studio KO you get something different every time. For me that meant that I didn’t got bored with the same old same. I was also challenged more as I couldn’t rest on knowing what was next. Honestly, mixing up your workouts is really effective when trying to shape your body.

I became hooked, and rightfully so. Studio K-O is fresh and fun, the workout is intense and so effective, but most of all, the instructors (shout out to Tanya and Ally) are amazing, and really want to see you succeed and see real results.

Same with the instructors at Studio Lagree, they are really a great crew focused on bringing you the best workout, and the great part of the combo of Lagree and K-O is that they are the perfect compliment to each other.

The Lagree workout is one that you honestly need to try out for yourself, it challenging, it’s invigorating, and really, I don’t think I’ve ever done another workout in my life that works your core the way a Lagree workout does.

I’ve watched my body change in just a few short months.

Now, having completed my year-long journey I can say that I’m already so happy with where I am at. It’s always good toimprovee but I saw some serious changed in my body in a short period of time, and I’m not the only one.

So if you’re looking to make a real change, lookiung to up your workout, or youre just looking to change things up, maybe it’s time you check out Studio KO and Studio Lagree.

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