Bone Daddies Launches Duckkotsu

Last Monday I was invited along to Bone Daddies Nova in London’s bustling Victoria for the pre-launch of the world’s first Duck Egg Ramen, Duckkotsu.


One of my favourite things about living in London is the number of great restaurants offering unique and interesting dishes. I’ve long been a fan of traditional ramen and so I was excited to try Bone Daddies’ latest twist on it. We’re quite often spoilt for choice when it comes to creative culinary exploration in our capital and Duckkotsu didn’t disappoint. (If you want to make your own home-made noodles, it easier than you’d think. This useful article will help guide you through) Now back to it!


This decadent take on the traditional Japanese dish truly is to die for. Soft ramen noodles sit in a bowl of creamy, flavourful duck broth, boiled for at least 4 hours, and topped with pulled confit duck meat, bean sprouts and sliced spring onions. It really was a taste sensation, unlike anything I’ve experienced in a long time.


But, what really makes this ramen extra special is the soft boiled Braddock Whites duck egg provided by Clarence Court. They add a lightness and creaminess to the dish that complements the rich, spicy broth perfectly. I’ve never been a massive fan of boiled hen’s egg whites but marinated duck egg whites are something else.


Clarence Court is the purveyor of the widest range of premium quality eggs sold in Britain. Founded in 1928 when Clarence Elliot brought jungle fowl back from Patagonia to Gloucestershire, Clarence Court are still going strong more than 90 years later. They boldly claim to provide the most esteemed eggs since Faberge, and I would have to agree.


It makes total sense then that Bone Daddies founder Ross Shonhan would turn to Clarence Court to supply the eggs for his Duckkotsu. Speaking exclusively at the pre-launch, Shohan told us that when it came to choosing a supplier for Bone Daddies, there was only one option. A stand out egg for a stand out restaurant; sounds like a cracking partnership to me.


So Duckkotsu has gone straight to the top of my list of favourite comfort foods. Perfect for when you’re craving something hearty and filling but also light and wholesome, Duckkotsu will be available in Bone Daddies throughout April. Get down there and try it for yourself. Tell them Stewart sent you.

Stewart Thurlow

Stewart Thurlow

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Stewart Thurlow