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“Many are called, few are chosen” is the slogan for the newly opened Body By Chosen fitness studio in Toronto, which rings very true for the crew of trainers and athletes that form their collective. It also applies to the clients that they have in for all types of training, including calisthenics, boxing, kettlebell, sport-specific and traditional weight training, so when a little birdie told us about Body by Chosen, we just had to check it out.

If you have seen any of the instagram feeds of the guys from Body by Chosen, it can be a little intimidating, since they all look like they have been working out 50 hours a week, pushing their bodies to the limit, and when I walked in, I was welcomed by a group of guys that either seemed to be on their way to working out, or on their way from working out.

I was introduced to Dwayne (the chosen boss) and he took me into the studio to put me through my paces. I must admit, I told him I wasn’t in very good shape, thinking he might take it easy on me… I was wrong. We began with reps of push-ups, pull-ups, dips, squats, lunges, sit-ups (which we did in countdown form — 20 push-ups, then 19 and so on), so by the end of the 45 minutes, I was absolutely drenched! But it felt great, and there’s some thing to be said for using your own body and body weight to train — and the guys at Body By Chosen have that down to a science.

If you’re in Toronto and really want to reshape your body, gain strength and change your work out regime forever, maybe it’s time you paid a visit to Body By Chosen. For some additional inspiration and to know what their workouts are really like, check out our video feature of the Body By Chosen guys training the men of HiM.



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  1. Dan

    Super nice dudes with a great environment for training. Unfortunately, one training plan doesn’t work for all bodies and that is why many don’t last at Body by Chosen. I remember my doctor telling me the trainer must have never taken a class in fitness given the damage to my joints. This was after a few months their and certainly made me reassess what personal training truly is…it is not pushing yourself past your limit while those who actually can sit and watch.