Blue Man Group in Ottawa

February 20th kicked off the Blue Man Group taking over Ottawa’s TD Place arena. The night had a slow start when the group’s stage set up and effects didn’t cooperate with the venue’s power supply. After an hour wait for the show to start, the group’s stage crew were able to get things together to kick things off with gusto.

Some fans who piled into the TD Place arena had an unexpected surprise of a complimentary poncho on their chair. The designated “splash zone” took up the first six rows of the floor, and the ponchos were absolutely needed. The synesthetic experience has you watching and seeing the sounds live as they are created in front of you through bright colors and liquids. There were some other unexpected elements as well. Others got some unexpected crowd interaction, as the group actively ran off stage into the stands to pull people on stage, or take some selfies. If you choose to sit on the floor for these shows, you best not be shy or squeamish.

The group, recognized most by their bald blue heads, bring a variety of show pieces. From their massive drum sets to their technology integrated pieces. They kept the crowd on their toes for each set, running between different levels of their stage set up.

The group will be in town for five shows, Wednesday through Saturday at TD place in Ottawa before their tour takes them to Hamilton and up through Southern Ontario.


Words and photos by Elizabeth Durnford




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