Billion Dollar Brows to the rescue! Win a ‘Take Back Your Brows’ kit!

I’m trying to remember my teenage eyebrows before I discovered tweezers. I’m pretty sure I had a gentle sweep of a unibrow, and, one day, I mercifully realized I could pluck my way into having two separate eyebrows. Over the years, without any professional guidance, plucking eyebrows becomes a bit of an obsession, sometimes with results akin to cutting your own bangs in the mirror – it can be bad news bears. Regardless, I was – and still am – paranoid about letting someone random reshape such a crucial part of my face for me (we’ve all heard horror stories of butchered brow jobs!). Meanwhile, it was getting to the point where I’d look at photos of myself and see Uncle Leo from Seinfeld staring back up at me, as if I’d sniffed something wonky and was offended.

Now, I know I can grow hair. My people are great at growing hair. I mean, have you see the killer brows Nina Dobrev (of The Vampire Diaries) sports? Hey, I’m Bulgarian, too; I should be able to channel my inner Chia Pet and grow a similar set!

Enter Billion Dollar Brows, a beauty brand whose sole focus is giving you the guidance and tools to allow you to raise your most shapely and discerning brow at any situation tossed your way. I stumbled across the brand at Toronto’s Prologue Lifestyle during their New York Collection launch, and I had to know more! Here’s a rundown of some of the most popular BDB products we tried.

Brow Buddy Shaping Kit: The first step in demystifying eyebrow shaping is figuring out just what your brow shape should be. Where should they start, arch and taper off? This somewhat intimidating looking tool is actually extremely simple to use, despite the initial flashback to trying to maneuver a compass in grade nine math. A soft white pencil helps you mark the various points where your eyebrows should be, and before you know it, you have a clear, simple guide for where to get hairy and where to weed whack.

Brow Boost: A super easy to apply brow conditioner, Brow Boost is a simple, tried and true treatment to condition and strengthen eyebrows. Swipe it on nightly and watch as patchy brows become full and lush!

Universal Brow Pencil: Possibly my favourite of the BDB products! With a few quick strokes, you can tame any unruly strays and give yourself fuller, bolder brows. The pencil is soft, easy to blend and, well, idiot proof, because if I can do it, anyone can! It’s a catch all tool – whether you need the boost or not, the extra definition can be both striking and elegant. The universal color also spares you the tedium of trying to match pencils to your exact shade!

Brow Duo Pencil: One part highlighter and one part concealer, this pencil quickly and easily blurs any imperfections while highlighting your brow bone for extra pop and a youthful look. How’s that for on-the-go makeup kit efficiency?

The Smudge Brush: A bit of a no brainer, this snazzy little synthetic brush makes applying the aforementioned Brow Duo a breeze.


Of course, at Addicted, we want our readers to get to try all of the awesome stuff we discover, and the BDB crew was kind enough to oblige! Tweet “I want to take back my brows with @bdbrows! #AddictedToBDBrows @WeRAddicted“.  Entrant must be 18 years of age or older and a resident of Canada.  Winning tweet will be selected at random on June 10th at 6pm Eastern Standard time.


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