Big Brother: Technology & Government

Since the very first governments came to be, these organisations have been locked in a constant technological race with the people they seek to protect. Most citizens hate the idea of a group like this being able to monitor and surveil their lives, even if it is in their interest, and this makes it all a big challenge. Of course, on top of this, a lot of governments simply don’t have the resources to keep up with their people. To give you an idea of what this sort of work covers in the modern world, this post will be exploring the different ways in which a country’s leaders will keep tabs on those they are sworn to serve.


The dawn of the internet was a major turning point in a lot of places. While this resource enables people to communicate with almost no effort whatsoever, it can also give those with the right technology the chance to get a look-in. In recent years, a good amount of the world’s leaders have done work to try and give their parties the ability to monitor internet usage in an effort to stamp out illegal activities. No matter how hard they try, though, technology firms always work to resist these plans, and the costs of such systems are staggering, making it near impossible for even the richest places to get their hands on them.


While efforts to monitor internet usage are usually in vain, there are a lot of other routes which can be taken by a government which wants to keep an eye on its people. Most of the world’s cities and towns are littered with CCTV cameras. These vast networks of surveillance tools are always watching, and this has given leaders the chance to match profiles which already exist to the people they see on their screen. Of course, this sort of technology is mostly used to enable you to do things like use Jumio to verify your customers or keep your business safe when you’re not around. It’s hard to escape the fact that it can also be used to track people as they travel around populated areas.


Legality has remained an issue at the heart of Big Brother technology for a long time. People don’t like the idea of being watched on any level, and will fight this sort of activity becoming legal. Of course, though, this doesn’t always stop organisations from using their power to keep an eye on their people. For examples, the US NSA department has found itself in hot water several times over the last few years, with problems like computer virus manufacturing to wiretapping dominating the news during their most successful years. Governments aren’t above the law, and always have to follow the rules if they want to remain credible.


Hopefully, this post will give you an insight into how your government might be keeping an eye on you. It doesn’t always matter if it is legal, as these sorts of organisations have to do what they can to keep people safe. This doesn’t mean that you should have to accept having your rights abused, though.

Stewart Thurlow

Stewart Thurlow

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Stewart Thurlow