Better Basics for guys from Kotn

I am all for the basics. A well-made tee, a great sweatshirt, the classic white shirt, and I am all about block colours. So when I found myself in Kotn on Queen West, I knew I had found the perfect match.

Canadian brand Kotn has quickly been making its mark in the world of fashion. Half sheerly due to the quality of clothing, they are producing in a world of “fast fashion” but still at an amazing price point. The other reasons are most probably due to the innovative brands wish to give back.

“We create everyday essentials designed to improve quality of life for our customers, partners and community.” and they are doing just that.

Most recently they turned their black Friday into a way of giving back.

In the Nile Delta (the location the cotton is grown), there are 456 thousand children without access to education. This past Black Friday weekend, 100% of proceeds from your purchases went towards building a new school within that region in Kotn’s continued effort to make the world a better place.

Good deeds and great treads? Yup!

Not only are they doing a quilty job of creating positive change in the world, they are also producing some fashionable, comfy and well-made garments.

“We focus on one naturally remarkable fibre: our namesake, authentic Egyptian cotton. Grown in only one place in the world — the Nile Delta — Egypt’s “white gold” is finer, softer, and more breathable than any other cotton. This noble fibre produces the most practical yet oh-so-cosy fabric for your everyday standard.” That it does!

As someone who has tested the line for himself (I’m currently wearing the green men’s Kotn sweatshirt as I write this), I can tell you, I am ADDICTED to Kotn.


Photos by David J. Fulde


The fit and cut, the style and colours, the comfort and quilty, Kotn ticks each and every single box, and then build a school.

In a marketplace saturated with fast fashion and horribly made clothing, as a lifestyle write it is my job and duty to bring you something better, and this, this is worlds better.


So if you’re looking to make a smart purchase to help someone else and to help add the perfect quilty basics back into your life, it’s time you paid a visit to Kotn.


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