Bestselling Author Rebecca Bromwich Knows How To Build A Marriage + Podcast

How do you build a successful long-term relationship? Does anyone have the answers to this bazillion dollar question?

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Few people surpass author and lawyer Rebecca Bromwich when it comes to marital success. On this week’s installment of You Do You, we interviewed Bromwich about her 19 year – OMG, that’s sooo long! –  marriage.

While she admits there’s no secret formal for wedded bliss, we can share some of Recca’s tips. Here are three ways to make your relationship more workable!


Sacrifice (But Not Too Much) For Love

When Rebecca met her now husband, he was about to start medical school in Kingston, Ontario. For her part, Rebecca was poised to begin a law degree at The University of Calgary. After becoming frustrated with the realities of a long-distance relationship,, Rebecca transferred to Queen’s Law School. The proximity helped their relationship thrive, so the move was totally worth it. But the important take-away is this: it’s cool to make sacrifices for love, but never sacrifice your dreams. Rebecca may have changed her law school to be near the love of her life, but she never changed her career goals. Today, she’s a successful attorney with a thriving career.


Change Up The Chores

Do you always do the laundry in your household? Is taking out the garbage solely your partner’s domain? Well, switch it up! Rebecca explains that when you only do certain tasks, you fail to appreciate how much work goes into your partner’s chores. When couples alternate who does what, it’s less likely they’ll take each other’s domestic labour for granted.

The take-away? Appreciation is a key ingredient for lasting passion!


Keep Striving For More

Don’t make a relationship your everything. Keep your passion for each other alive by keeping your other passions alive. Rebecca is constantly exploring her interests. In fact, Bromwich’s passion for writing inspired her to write the legal thriller Not Your Penance, her bestselling novel.


Celebrate Each Other’s Successes 

When Rebecca’s physician husband won a major award, she was looking after her four kids while he was on a business trip. Despite his not being in town, Rebecca took the kids out for dessert to celebrate their father’s achievement. In a successful relationship,partners need to root for – and fete – each other.


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