Beck and Cage the Elephant at Budweiser Stage

As the sun set on another gorgeous summer evening in Toronto, Beck and Cage the Elephant took the stage for their only Canadian date on the Night Running Tour in 2019. Cage the Elephant came out with explosive energy backed by a production of fire and smoke to set the bar high. As the set progressed, frontman Matt Shultz kept removing layers of clothing, revealing that he probably had about 10 shirts on to start the night. Eyes remained fixated on him as his performance was visually striking and incredibly energetic. The highlight of their set was during their last song Teeth, where Shultz disappeared into the crowd, only to reappear at the back of the venue, at this stage only wearing nothing more than boxing shorts, crowd surfing, or better yet crowd walking, anywhere he pleased. With the Toronto skyline sparkling in the background, many fans tried to capture this moment as he spent some time with the crowd.

If people thought that they’d be sitting down now for Beck, they were very wrong. Beck and co. came out flying with Loser, as lasers and immersive screen visuals really amplified the mood. Beck first appeared on a massive riser with a swirling vortex behind him. Aesthetically, his production was incredibly appealing to photograph. As he danced and spun around the stage, the crowd reciprocated with feel good energy that took them all into the night.

Cage the Elephant Setlist:

1. Broken Boy
2. Cry Baby
3. Spiderhead
4. Too Late to Say Goodbye
5. Cold Cold Cold
6. Ready to Let Go
7. Social Cues
8. Tokyo Smoke
9. Mess Around
10. Trouble
11. Skin and Bones
12. Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked
13. It’s Just Forever
14. Telescope
15. House of Glass
16. Come a Little Closer
17. Shake Me Down
18. Cigarette Daydreams
19. Teeth

Beck Setlist:
1. Loser
2. Up All Night
3. Girl
4. Qué onda  güero
5. Mixed Bizness
6. Debra
7. Wow
8. Saw Lightning
9. Dreams
10. The New Pollution
11. Devils Haircut
12. Go It Alone
13. Everybody’s Got to Learn Sometime (The Korgis Cover)
14. E-Pro

15. Where It’s At
16. Night Running (with Matt Shultz)
17. One Foot in the Grave