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Beauty is only skin deep, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t want to look and feel good about ourselves. Still, I’ve come to realize that being beautiful isn’t about trying to emulate your favorite celebrity. And that’s not the only thing I’ve learned…


Priorities change as we get older, that’s just a fact of life. From personal experience, I know that the desire to wear fake lashes or take special care of my eyebrows has long gone. Frankly, true perfection has to be imperfect while I’ve also got a long list of things that I’d rather do. Writing this blog is just one example. In truth, if it’s a toss-up between plucking a stray hair and enjoying time with loved ones, the latter will always win out. After all, we spend far less time with those special people than we’d ideally like. It seems crazy that most of us have our priorities out of sync.


Perhaps the far more significant issue revolves around the time and money spent on professional treatments. Part of me loves a spa treatment or a trip to the nail salon as much as the next woman. Deep down, though, I think that the thought of having those pamper days and beauty upgrades is far better than the reality. The excitement is never quite warranted. Even when getting those beauty therapies completed with a friend, expectations are very hard to live up to. Above all else, I’ve found that it’s possible to get far better results without even leaving home.

Nail kits and UV lights are more accessible and affordable than ever. OK, so they might not be salon quality but for one person they are more than capable of completing the task at hand. Better still, I can do this while catching up on TV or waiting for the washing to finish. This is far more appealing than heading out for hours just to get my nails done. Given our modern lifestyles, they usually chip within a couple of days anyway.

Crucially, I’ve learned that the best beauty tip is to lead a better lifestyle. It sounds crazy, but exercise is one of the best things for your skin as well as your body shape. Meanwhile, staying hydrated with increased water intake will have a far better impact than any salon treatment. When coupled with a good night’s sleep, the skin and hair will appear better in no time. Furthermore, using essential oils to get a better quality of rest can also help alleviate many of the modern day stresses. Energy levels will increase too, making it the perfect home beauty treatment. Why you would continue to spend excessive time and money on other treatments is beyond me. Even if the odd treat is still an enjoyable experience.


In truth, learning to end the pursuit of perfection can be the greatest source of happiness. And when you can wear that smile on a daily basis, that is truly the greatest beauty hack of all.


Jessica Alexander

Jessica Alexander

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