Be warned, not all pharmaceutical drugs are good

Now we aren’t doctors or pharmacists, but we do know how to read the facts, and, we know, not all drugs are good for you.

Just looking at historical data from the past decade in North America alone, we can see countless pharmaceutical companies sued for badly made or produced drugs.

Now, obviously there are some great medications out there doing wonders but from the data, Valsartan is not one of them.

For years, people have been prescribed Valsartan by their doctors to fight high blood pressure and heart attacks. With people suffering from heart attacks, it was meant to significantly lower your chances of suffering a cardiac episode as well as lowering blood pressure.

In recent years Valsartan has been recalled country-wide, this is due to the discovery that Valsartan may actually be carcinogenic. Thus, it may cause cancer, and there is a very strong possibility that it also enhances your odds of developing kidney or liver failure. The BMJ also says that the carcinogen found in Valsartan has probably been in the product for years. This means that many patients have been prescribed a drug that might have dramatically enhanced their chance of getting cancer. Due to this, a Valsartan class action lawsuit has been opened.

Patients who took Diovan face the danger due to a contamination problem in China & India, where the drugs are produced.


What was the contaminant?

NDMA or Nitrosodimethylamine was the chemical found contaminating the Valsartan products. It’s apparently a required component in the creation of rocket fuel, it is a b2-carcinogenic compound. 

When the companies patent expired on the drug, other companies were allowed to make generic copies of Valsartan by tweaking the creative processes to make it cheaper.

Due to the company changing the creation process, an un-foretold side chemical reaction caused a vastly greater production rate of NDMA.


Are all Valsartan products affected?

The recall only applied to certain Valsartan and Valsartan Hydrochlorothiazide, check your medications with the medications on the FDA’s recall product list.


Do I need a lawyer?

Individuals who feel wronged by Valsartan are allowed to tackle them without an attorney. Without a lawyer, however, you may not achieve the full settlement potential. These drug companies have a lot of money; their legal teams are very good.

With an experienced attorney, a strong legal team cannot stand in the way of the law if the allegations are correct. They will not be bullied by well paid legal teams.


What happens if we win?

A successful case could lead to the court awarding the victims the following.

  • Compensation for pain caused
  • Medical fees and debts paid For
  • Reimbursement of lost wages
  • Funeral costs covered


What can I do if I think I’ve been affected?

First and foremost, visit your doctor and let them know of the potential situation.

If you think you may have contracted cancer due to Valsartan, we would suggest you look up a reputable lawyer. When it comes to class action lawsuits, you have to submit a claim within a specific time frame. 


When it comes to medications while some may do a world of good, there are many with a list of untold side effects, and at the end of the day, who knows how they are made, or what may happen within the process.

The lesson, be careful of what you put into your body, and always do your research., and if that doesn’t work, find a good lawyer.





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