Basic grooming products every man should own

A while back, all the grooming that men undertook consisted of taking showers, shaving their hair occasionally and maybe oiling their skin. These days are long gone. Unlike in the past where if a man spent a long time taking a shower they would be met with very disapproving eyes, nowadays, standards of grooming for men have been set high, same as women. Men are expected to be as well-groomed as women, if not more.

Men nowadays do not shy away from spas, nail parlours and even visiting beauty shops to look for the beard oil that will work magic for them. Neither do they shy away from taking their sweet time in the bathroom to ensure that they are spotless and well-groomed in general.

It’s important for men to develop a regimen, which they will follow on a daily basis to ensure that they maintain their grooming. It should be easy to follow and simple to keep up with. The beauty industry counts profits in their billions of dollars, for providing a wide array of grooming products for men. However, here are the essential grooming products that are a must have for all men:



  1. An all-purpose shaver

Facial and body hair enhances a man’s looks. However, unkempt hair makes you look dirty, careless and ungroomed. Body hair if not regularly shaved, for instance, armpit hair, becomes a great breeding ground for bacteria and they also hold on to sweat. When these bacteria act upon the sweat, it creates odour which is not pleasant at all. Therefore, it is essential for you to get an all-purpose shaver, to ensure that you regularly shave, or trim your body and facial hair.



  1. Products for your hair

Although they do not discuss hairstyles as passionately as women, men are about as passionate about new hairstyles and trends almost as much as women. Your hair, both facial hair and that on the head require the right products: hair food, hair conditioner, hair shampoo, beard oil, aftershave and many other products, for your hair to remain healthy. You should, therefore, do your research and find out the hair products that are best suited for your hair. You can invest in these hair-products, and your hair will always look healthy and well-groomed.



  1. The right shower gel

There are a luxurious feel and lasting freshness that lingers on your skin when you use shower gels as opposed to the regular bar soap. You need to feel fresh and rejuvenated throughout the day. Therefore, a shower gel that serves this purpose excellently is a must have in your grooming kit. Look out for a shower gel that has plant extract that is known to work well for men’s skin, and you will never regret investing in the shower gel.



  1. A deodorant

A deodorant is a significant addition to your grooming kit. All of us each have our unique body scent. This body scent is natural and not a bad thing. Most a times, however, our sweat overpowers our natural scent, and this is a huge problem. Instead of having a body scent, you end up having a body odour because of the perspiration.

A solution to this is a deodorant. Unlike antiperspirant that completely blocks your pores and stops you from sweating, which isn’t a healthy thing, deodorant masks the odour that results from bacteria on your armpits acting with the odourless sweat. A deodorant makes you feel fresh and smells great. Look for a mild deodorant that is more on the natural side and that leaves you feeling fresh throughout the day.



  1. A moisturiser that hydrates

Our skin needs moisture to remain healthy and smooth. Nothing screams unkempt as much as ashy skin. We thus need to ensure that we are moisturising our skin as much as possible so that it remains hydrated. Look for a hydrating moisturiser that works best for your skin type. The moisturiser will also help with your stable remaining smooth and not itchy.



  1. A lip balm

You don’t want to be walking around with chapped, or cracked lips. It is not a good look,l or feeling at all. Therefore your lip balm needs to be given as much credit as the beard oil, the moisturiser and shaver and other grooming products. You need to select the right lip balm for your lips, to ensure they remain well hydrated throughout the day.



These products are essential for a journey in and maintenance of good grooming. Remember, when you are well-groomed you feel more confident and purposeful, and you also create a good image for yourself.




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