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Written by music maven, festival and show booker, and dear friend of the magazine, Jeannie Reid of Music City North


January 27th, The Horseshoe Tavern. This was the night that I went to see the final show ever, for a band that I have worked with since I started working in the indie music scene. This band was my go-to band for opening slots for bigger names and when good opportunities came a knockin’, I would always think of them first. So, when I ran into Al Capo (vocals/bass) and Adam Bianchi (vocals/guitar) of Stuck on Planet Earth (STUCK), it only seemed fitting, that they would be the ones to fill this void.

STUCK was a band that I worked with once, that another band had brought out.

After that, the guys contacted me to book a string of shows for them and we kept in touch.   Running into them at the ‘Shoe, just seemed perfect and I told them that, that night.

March 1st, the guys play Bovine Sex Club.  It had been a while since I had seen them play, and holy crap!  So glad I went.  Are you ever inspired by something?  Motivated by others?  The main reason I do what I do, is for the love of music and the drive to help others succeed, which is what these guys did for me.  Their set was so damn tight and had their shit together.  Each one filling their roles perfectly.  This is a band that is going places and are doing exactly what they are meant to do.

Fast forward to Al telling me that they are signing with anthem records.  A company that has not signed anyone since 2011.  Huge news!

On Tuesday, April 17th, STUCK ON PLANET EARTH, a 3-piece kick ass rock band from Vaughan, ON, a band that have played together since they were 19 years old, announced that they signed with anthem records.

This local band just signed a recording contract with the company that represents such artists as Big Wreck, Steven Page, The Tea Party, and RUSH.

For me, your standard press release wasn’t enough.  This story deserved a personal touch.  So, it was decided that I would interview the band.  Read on for a one-on-one with guitarist, Adam Bianchi.


First off, how are you doing?  How does it feel to be a signed band? 

I’m doing well thanks!  It feels pretty good to have a place to call home and an honor to be part of Anthem, but again this is just a stepping stone. The next step is to write a good record and get out on the road.


Those moments leading up to the deal being made, how were you handling yourself?  Take me through the process.  Because, you guys have been at this for a while.

We were just figuring out how we were going to plan our next release or if we were going to release an album independently. We didn’t know when or how and this signing just kind of sped the process up, which we are happy about.


What do you think it was that sold anthem on you? 

The music for sure.


Take us through the process of songwriting.  One of you write the lyrics, another the music, or is it a collaboration?  Are there songs that each of you wrote? 

Al and I do a lot of writing, but we also don’t have a specific process. It’s the best idea wins. So, whether I write something on my own, we eventually work on the idea together.


Is there a song that you are incredibly proud of? 

I don’t have a specific song that I’m proud of. But, as a whole, I’m proud when the sound/band constantly grows and evolves. And, every year we seem to take leaps in the music which is very fulfilling as a band.


Your songs all seem to have a common theme.  Sounds like you have had fun in your 20s and had some explaining to do, which was done through lyrics.  Personal stories, or just great songwriting skills? 

Yes, we definitely had fun in our 20s and still do. We just write about moments that affect us. And, we help each other relay that message in the songwriting.


You covered Pony by Ginuwine.  Why that song?  Everything about the cover is great!  The arrangement, Al’s vocals, your guitar playing at the end, and, I must say, Andrew truly is the king of stank face.  The guy always has some sort of fun, smartass thing going on.  This video was a prime example of this.  

It’s a sexy song. We love Ginuwine and love 90s RnB. We thought that song could go over well live, in our own rendition.


You are recording this summer, so what is the plan? What can STUCK fans expect from you? 

We will be recording a full length this summer. Hard to say at this point because everything is still in planning stages. But, definitely an album and tour for sure.


If you could open for one band, who would it be?  And, what would be your dream venue to perform in? 

I’d probably like to open for Twenty-One Pilots or Billy Talent. There are lots of bands I would love to open for but just to name a few.  My dream venue would be Budweiser stage or Madison Square Garden.


When you get to the point that you are headlining a large venue, what’s the first place you would like to play at?  What city?

New York. Madison Square Garden. That’s just me.


Favorite musician of all time?

John Frusciante and Sting.


Favorite STUCK moment so far, not including getting signed?

There are many moments that I think about. Many times, when our band would fight or argue, or we were in a bad place. Something would happen that like a sign that would allow us to put the shit behind us and keep moving.


Hardest obstacle to overcome? 

Working together in harmony as a band. Getting on the same page and having the same goal and direction to work towards.


There are many struggling musicians out there, what advice would you give 19-year-old Adam, because there may be another 19-year-old Adam out there.  A kid who imagines that one his dream will become a reality.  

Always work to grow and get better and don’t give up no matter what the circumstances are. There are going to be a lot of low times and you gotta be okay with that because those are the times that you grow and flourish as an artist.


Do you still have the same passion for music as when you first started?  Do you see yourself doing this for years to come? If you aren’t making music, what could you see yourself doing?

Yes, definitely, just in a different way. I’m more experienced. I don’t think I’ll ever stop doing music. It’s in me. I have to do it, or I’d be depressed.   I’ve thought about what I’d do if I didn’t have music and I always draw a blank.


What was your “calling” moment?  The moment you knew, music was life.  Did you have one?  

Adam: When I was 12 years old my dad took me to Memphis to see Elvis Presley’s house and Sun Studios and that trip changed my life. I literally started playing guitar the minute I got back from that trip.  I still say if I never went to Memphis I don’t know if I’d be playing music.


Lastly, dude, I am so bloody proud of you guys.  Words cannot express how happy I am for the three of you.  To see how far you have come, how hard you have worked, the fact that you guys are always professional and held yourselves to a higher standard, has paid off.  This isn’t about me, by any means, but I take great pride knowing that I was right when I said that you were there.  Congrats and I wish you the best of luck with everything and cannot wait to see you play a major stage and festival.  I’ll be front and center, cheering you on, perhaps with a few tears streaming down my face.  

Thank you. I appreciate that. Its been a lot of hard work and more hard work to come. This band is determined, and we always will be. We always feel like we have something to prove to ourselves and I feel like that’s been our motivation to keep pushing through the dark moments.


Thanks for your time and I’ll see you at Adelaide Hall on May 9th, for CMW with Acid Dad and Wine Lips


Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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