Bacon + Burgers = Happiness

According to a recent survey from A&W, eighty percent of Canadian’s think that bacon makes a burger taste better. So it comes as no surprise that one of Canada‘s favorite restaurant chains now serves bacon from coast to coast.

When it comes to food on the go for the whole family, A&W has been a staple here in Canada since first opening in 1956 and has been serving up Mama, Papa and Teen burgers ever since. But in recent years A&W has made some big changes in an effort to bring us better food.

Over the last few years we have followed A&W’s journey to bring their customers meat and eggs that are free of antibiotics, hormones, and steroids, while trying where they can to use local farmers and reducing environmental impact, and that all goes for the bacon too.

“We believe great taste comes from doing things right. That’s why we’re the first North American chain to use bacon from pork that’s raised without the use of antibiotics. It’s naturally-smoked and farmed locally in Canada. Nothing artificial. Just simple ingredients you can pronounce, like salt, sugar and cherry juice. Because food as beloved as bacon deserves to be done right.”

We couldn’t agree more, and apparently we aren’t alone. In the recent study done by A&W the results show just what we would have guessed, Canadian’s love bacon. So it comes as no surprise that A&W on their continued mission to bring great products and services, would also reach out and ask their customers what they would do for the love of bacon.


Not only do Canadian’s think that Bacon makes a burger taste better as mentioned above, it seems as though us men have an even deeper love of it, that 1 in 4 of us would ditch social media for it, and some might even give up their other half or child. Thank goodness we won’t have to go to such great lengths to enjoy a Teen burger with bacon.

Now we have you dreaming of bacon on a burger don’t we? Well have no fear because you know we wouldn’t leave you hanging with a hankering. No, no, we have something special for you.

We are giving away not one, but two $150 gift cards, one to a lucky reader below, and one via my Instagram. So enter below and hop on over to @TheMaleAddict for a second chance to win the ultimate bacon and burger fix thanks to our friends at A&W.


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