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To quote the legendary Dita Von Teese, “Lingerie is not about seducing men, it’s about embracing womanhood.” The feel of luxury lingerie is a reminder of your sensuality, the power in femininity, and the confidence of wearing something extraordinary. Made by Niki is one of Britain’s premiere luxury lingerie and bodywear brands.

The newest collection for “Made by Niki” is called Almost Famous. Colors of vanilla and black are playfully paired with lovely shades of pink. Fun, flirty flower garlands and fringed lace tops alongside sexy, plunging body suits and bras with daring necklines create a collection of sensual masterpieces. Niki somehow blends a glamorous Hollywood feel with fun and modern sensibilities, dreaming up some of the most distinctive pieces available this season. The textures and colors in this collection make me want to run my hands over each piece, to fully experience it. I want to be the girl in the collection, so I asked Niki herself, “Who is this girl?”

Addicted: Who was the the inspiration behind the Almost Famous collection? If you were to sum her up in a few words, what would they be?

Niki: Made by Niki’s ‘Almost Famous’ collection is inspired by Kate Hudson as Penny Lane in the Almost Famous movie. She was a beautiful, free-spirited 1970’s teenage rock groupie who was so successful at blagging her way on tour, that the record labels made her and her friends, known as ‘Band-Aids’, the official touring companions of all their rock groups.

Imagine the crazy, sexy, out of this world time they had, touring festivals and gigs all over the USA with some of the biggest rock groups of the time. In her own special way, she brought order to the chaos of the rock touring schedule – at least if the bands were with Penny Lane and her girls, then the record label managers knew where they were and could try to keep them on schedule. A pretty important job for a teenage nocturnal hippie–chick!

If you could tell the women buying this collection something what would that be? How should this collection make a woman feel as she is wearing it?

The Almost Famous lingerie collection will give you that festival feeling, whether you’re wearing it in the boudoir, in a club or a festival field… There are 37 items in the range and a lot of variety, including Mongolian lambskin shearling collars, harness flower fashion accessories, sexy plunging bodysuits, fringed pieces, lace and silk kaftan blouses, and hand-embellished bras and knickers.

How do you select the materials you use? The colors? If someone was to walk away with one impression of this collection what would it be?

In this collection I have used a variety of fabrics, patterns and textures to evoke that festival feeling. As we’re an independent designer lingerie brand, we choose our suppliers very carefully to ensure that we can add a bespoke element – for instance, we designed the kaftan lace so that the length, width and pattern of the fabric would enable the kaftan to be made from one continuous piece, while the lace bras and knickers each had to be cut individually by hand to maintain the stunning pattern alignment. We have bespoke engineered the stretch fringe on our ‘String’ pieces and worked with the supplier to develop the unique 2-tone ombre process. Every detail, from the heat of the dye bath to the weight of the yarns, is controlled to ensure the fabrics have the exact handle and feel required when they are finished. The Italian silks had to have just the right weight versus sheerness to enable them to be worn as underwear or outerwear, and of course, to be washable.

The colors have to fit in with the wider fashion industry color trends, as it’s important for our buyers, whether lingerie or ready-to-wear, to be able to create a palette of complementary brands that will work together in their store. For SS14, we have found complementary color schemes at Fendi, Gucci and Stella McCartney among many others, with a great deal of emphasis on blacks, corals and creams for this Spring / Summer.

I hope that people wearing this collection will have as much fun as we had creating, shooting and producing it. I want to see women all over the world rocking out at festivals in these kaftans, bodysuits and bra tops, having the time of their life in the sunshine, and feeling free!

Made by Niki has two ongoing types of inspiration.

  • Our fine art lingerie is inspired by directional themes which have included Genetic Inheritance (Molecules, Capillaries, Membranes), Space (Infinity, Nibiru, Supernova), Cascading Waves and more…
  • Conversely, our Slinkies, Classics, Knockout and Feel collections are inspired by a hectic lady lifestyle that requires super-cute adjustable, convertible, hardworking shapewear solutions which lift, boost, cinch and flatter you while you go about your everyday business

What inspired you to develop this line in contrast to previous lines?

We alternate between our ‘fine art’ and ‘functional’ lingerie offerings depending on the needs of our customers, but the one underlying thing behind all of our collections is that they must improve your own body perception in some way. So, for instance, our Shoelace Bras have hand-knotted shoelaces all over the cup, and strap, to create the illusion of a fuller bust without the need for any foam or surgery. Likewise, the scrunched tulle pieces create a floating puff of delicate fabric that swathes the bust and the hips to enhance our favorite womanly curves.

And what were your inspirations for the shoot design? Where do we see Niki in this line?

The Almost Famous photoshoot design is reminiscent of the backstage of a nightclub or rock gig. You can see warm, bright lights seeping in from the wings of the stage while our Penny Lane dances, muses and crashes out on a roadie box that is used to transport the music and lighting equipment from one location to another. The model is surrounded by a heady haze while she rocks out and muses on her crazy life, waiting for the gig to end and the party to begin.

Made By Niki is carried by Linea Intima in Toronto, and in stores in Quebec and Newfoundland – are you planning on expanding the availability of your product across Canada? 

We are always expanding our line, everywhere. Made by Niki is currently available in 18 countries as far and wide as Australia, USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. Boutiques interested in stocking our line should contact wholesale@madebyniki.co.uk for a buyers pack. Canadian consumers can visit the following stores:

  • The Boobie Trap | Newfoundland
  • Linea Intima | Toronto
  • La Maison Simons Inc | Quebec
  • Nectar Lingerie | Fort Langley
  • Secrets From Your Sister | Ontario
  • Www.madebyniki.co.uk

Brining music and fashion together in the sexiest way possible, Made by Niki Lingerie is already far beyond Almost Famous.  Be sure to check out Made by Niki lingerie for yourself, and tell us what you think at @weraddicted!

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