Back to boyhood with Playmobil

It seems that I often refer back to my childhood when writing, probably in huge part because I was such a happy kid who was raised by two of the more kind and wonderful people in the entire world, my parents.

I remember my mum and I would sing together and do craft, and my dad and I would play with building blocks, puzzles, and my personal favourite as a child, cars.

So when I recently came across the Porsche 911 Carrera S from PLAYMOBIL I had an instant need to check it out for myself and to “take it for a ride”.

When the box arrived it brought me right back to that feeling you have when your a kid and a new toy shows up for your birthday or christmas or maybe just cause you were being really good and your parents felt like rewarding you. So I opened it up and on first glance was amazed by how real and detailed it was.

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Keep it as the base model or take it to the shop and upgrade it with a rear spoiler, front apron, and red rims. This Porsche is equipped with functioning front, rear and dashboard lights.Set includes two figures, show wall, rear spoiler, front apron, eight rims, car jack, tools and other accessories. This model is definitely a sweet ride, which is exactly what I expected.

What I didn’t expect was the overwhelming response when I posted a photo of the car on social media. I had no idea there was a whole toy subculture of adults that collect, showcase and love these toys from Playmobil, and boy or boy do they.

I had tweets and messages from collectors featuring their cars showcased in full scenes, and their isn’t just one choice from the line, it goes way beyond the Porsche into a whole entire world of adventure. It made me think, I love it, now I need to run it by the expert himself, my 4 year old nephew Elliott.

So I went for a visit to see my adorable nephew with the Porsche in hand to see what his reaction would be to this awesome toy already loved by the big boy in me.

To no real surprise at all he totally freaked out and as soon as I saw it. With a sparkle in his eye and the giant smile on his face, I knew that car had switched owners for good. Funny enough not only was he loving it, but my brother the mechanical engineer thought it was just about the coolest toy he had seen in a long time. Three very different boys approving one very well thought, well made toy. That was the final stamp of approval for me.

So whether you are old or young boy or girl, I’m now sure that PLAYMOBIL’s amazing world or adventure really does have something for almost everyone.

For details on this and the entire collection from PLAYMOBIL visit there website today.



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