Automotive Innovation: Disruptive and Transformative

The personal automobile is an indelible part of Canadian history, but technology is threatening its importance. According to the national statistics service, car purchases are down 20% over the last ten years and that’s part of a wider trend. The fact is, fewer people are buying cars. Why? Cost is one answer, but not necessarily the main reason – people need to get around, after all.


However, American manufacturer Ford has stated it won’t be producing small cars at all by 2022- startling given its history. The fact is, speciality vehicles are beating cars in every regard due to the preferable cost of ride-hailing services. As a result, manufacturers are getting competitive to earn your dollars. Here’s how you can benefit.


The rise of the Canadian pickup, and what it means


CBC has reported that truck drivers now outnumber small car owners 2 to 1. This is compared to 2008, where there were 1.2 cars for every truck. The result is that the pickup purchasing industry is saturated, and the car industry is striving for extra sales, creating incentives – it’s a buyer’s market. Many will now offer preferable insurance plans as part of the deal, like Volvo’s subscription service that the Globe and Mail report to be attracting drivers who enjoy variety. Given the wide range of specialist vehicles, such schemes are likely to become even more generous as the months pass to attract those who like to try a few vehicles out. This is especially key with pickups, which can have a wide range of uses – finding the right one is important.


The demands of environmentalism


Whether you agree with the concept or not, climate change is a big priority for the Canadian government, in line with commitments made in Kyoto and Paris. With the country still over 100m tonnes of yearly CO2 emissions away from its commitment, significant pressure is being put on manufacturers to change both their production to be greener and to reduce the amount of fossil fuels used. The results are that the EVS engine is set to take hold, and will be standard in your next vehicle.


Take advantage of this switch; the government is pumping $120m into green car manufacture, according to Global News. The result is a competitive electric market where you might just snag a deal by playing with different manufacturers.


The advent of green technology and ride-sharing apps has reduced the impact of the individual car. However, with the EVS engine becoming commonplace and manufacturers scrambling for custom in a rapidly transforming market, you could take control as the consumer. Explore the competition, stay aware of the possibilities, and keep on top of the latest developments.

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