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About Dave Voigt

David Voigt is a Toronto based writer with a problem and a passion for the moving image and all things cinema. Having moved from production to the critical side of the aisle for well over 10 years now at outlets like, Criticize This, Dork Shelf, to.Night Newspaper he’s been all across his city, the country and the continent in search of all the news and reviews that are fit to print from the world of cinema. Having launched his own home; In The Seats ( back in 2015 for all the latest and greatest movie reviews and interviews he’s one of the leading voices in the film criticism scene in Toronto, and eventually the world. David is the Entertainment Editor for Addicted Magazine.

‘Woman At War’ Balances The Sublime and the Subtle of Life at a Crossroad

No matter your walk of life, it’s important to bring passion to everything that you do… Woman At War is an undeniably quirky and often flat out weird affair, but it has an infectious joi de vivre and a wry…

‘Ralph Breaks The Internet’ Is A Speedy Blast Of Fun

Evolving is just a part of life and why wreck things when you can flat out break them… As Ralph Breaks The Internet we see a genuine evolution and growth of characters that are used to their one dimensional existences…