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About Aly Zorn

Aly is a Toronto-based freelance writer with a background in fashion and degree in sarcasm. When she's not cracking dry, merciless jokes, shes probably obsessing over shoes. While she so selflessly provides humour to the world (you're welcome) she also contributes to a number of lifestyle publications within the realm of fashion, beauty, life and Toronto things.

These Might Be the Best Alternatives to Microblading and Lash Extensions

Living in the social media age isn’t any easy feat when you’re expected to look “Insta-ready” on any given moment. Procedures like fillers and less invasive enhancements like microblading and lash extensions have become common practice, but where do we…


15 Not So Basic Beauty Must-Haves for Fall

Fall isn’t just the season of pumpkin spice, it’s also the best time to try out bold makeup looks. The change in temperature means less sweat and the ability to put on a more makeup without it resulting in acne…

Looking to Find Balance? Ayurveda Yoga Might Be the Answer

For a lot of us, working out can feel like a chore. Ie. you find yourself dying on the treadmill which you loath with a passion or in a yoga class basically breaking your back trying to do challenging positions….