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About Andrew X

I’m Andrew, and I’m SO thrilled to be writing for Addicted. I can’t think of a topic that I like to think and talk about more than sex positivity, progressive sexuality, and everything that goes along with it. , I’ll be writing about my experiences with non-monogamy/open relationships, sex positivity, and ideas around progressive sexuality.

Addicted to Love? Misconceptions about Polyamory

Opening up a discussion about polyamory and non-monogamy tends to lead to more questions than answers. Here are some common misconceptions people have brought up to me after I’ve identified as poly to hopefully shed some light: “Poly people think…


Addicted to Love? An education in Polyamory – Part 2

I still remember telling a high school crush that I wanted her to be my girlfriend, but that it was ok with me if she still wanted to have sex with and/or fall in love with other people, too. Spoiler…

Addicted to Love? A lesson in Polyamory

*photo from Wikipedia “Can you write about polyamory, non-monogamy, progressive sexuality, and maybe even a bit about orgies?” Best. Assignment. Ever. Hi.  I’m Andrew, and welcome to my series on Polyamory! Over the coming weeks it will be my pleasure…