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About Azra Gani

Azra is a bonafide frequent flyer who's often approached for hot tips and local guides to the cities she's visited. To Az, the beauty of travel is that every city and experience is unique and ever changing. She loves to provide recommendations and rough itineraries to the cities she's been to, but as a rule, she encourages everyone to use them as a jumping point, and create their own adventure! Keep up with Az the travel addict on instagram ( and get inspired to visit somewhere new today!

4 Tips on taking travel rest days to make the most of your vacation

Ahh the sweet whirlwind of a long-anticipated vacation. Hitting your wish list spots, cramming as many eats into a day as possible, staying up late and rising with the sun to pack as much as you can in a day…….


Travel Essentials for that dreaded red eye flight

Ah the dreaded red eye! Anyone who travels for work probably understands the desperate resolution of having to settle for a red eye between Toronto and Vancouver. Dragging yourself to the airport after a late dinner send off, dreading the…

An ideal outdoor weekend in Southern California

So we all love California. It’s just a thing people do. What’s not to love about it anyway? There are beaches, beautiful people, irrational amounts of good food, theme parks, national parks and deserts. I could go on but you…

A Travel Addict’s guide to New York

As our official sister city (yes that is a thing!), New York is a popular hot spot for Torontonians, a fact that will be encouraged by the reduction in flight prices – slated to begin mid-2018- and the increase in…