Ask your #WCW with Sheila from Common Deer

*photo by Wally Jay Parker

This week we are crushing on Sheila Hart-Owens from Common Deer.

Earlier this week we got to know Sheila’s brother Adam in our #MCM interview.  Now it’s Sheila’s turn.

Common Deer was formed in 2013 by Graham McLaughlin (guitar, violin) Liam Farrell (drums) and multi-instrumentalist Adam Hart-Owens, who met while backing up a folk singer in Guelph, Ontario. As it turned out, the answer to rounding out the band’s lineup lay in their family tree, with Liam bringing in his brother Connor to solidify the rhythm section, and Adam calling on his sister, Sheila, to harmonize with Graham and add her own keyboards.

Soon Sheila was sharing lead singing and songwriting duties, using her experience writing poetry to create lyrics for Common Deer’s lush orchestral pop tunes. The male female dynamic that Sheila helped create for the band is now one of their most notable traits, earning them comparisons to power house acts like Stars.  Check out the video for “Glass” and you’ll see what we mean:

Now let’s get crushing on rad gal Sheila, shall we?

What is the first thing that you notice about a potential love interest?



What’s your instant deal breaker?

If you’re an #AllLivesMatter type person, or anything that falls along those ignorant lines, we’re never going to get along.


What’s the strangest thing you have ever done to get a love interest’s attention?

I was definitely goaded by a friend or two, but I stole my dissected cow heart from high school bio class, put it in a box, and unsuccessfully attempted to get it in my crush’s locker. In hindsight, really glad I wasn’t able to follow through! Just leave a mix CD.


If there was one piece of advice you could give to other men/women out there, what would it be?

Don’t ignore red flags, especially in the first hangouts with a person. It can be really easy to push reality aside when you’re crushing, and before you know it you’re already too involved to see it clearly anymore.


Describe your love life in one word.



Follow Common Deer on social media through their handles below. The band will be travelling through Ontario and making a stop in Montreal for some live shows. Check out tour dates and details on their website, and fall in love with Common Deer along with us.

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Nadia Elkharadly