Ask your #WCW with Salio

This week we are crushing on singer/songwriter Salio!

With her storied past, Salio’s road to musical success is, in a word, incredible. Born to a poor family in Georgia, a country with a tumultuous history, Salio’s early life was one frought with hardship. Her life even began too early; she was born a month premature. Her family routinely went without food, hot water, or electricity. But despite all these setbacks, Salio knew music would not only be her future, but her salvation.


At the age of six, Salio won her first singing competition. Singing came as naturally as speaking to her. By nine, she had managed to convince a local music teacher to give her singing lessons for free because the teacher believed in her innate ability. And that was just the beginning. Salio spent the next two decades ensuring that nothing would stand in the way of her musical career.

Salio began performing gigs whenever and wherever she could; anything to get her voice out there. But fate was also on her side when, one day, she happened upon the organiser of the New Orleans Jazz and Blues Festival, Quint Davis, who for some reason was in Tibilisi, Georgia, her home town. They met in a canteen, and she wow’ed him with her voice. “I sang for him there and then, and he flew me out to the festival, where I ended up jamming with Maroon 5’s guitarist James Valentine,” she says.

For someone with her background to suddenly find herself on US soil singing before crowds of music fans was a fantasy come to life. In New Orleans she wowed her audiences, and sang with jazz, R&B and gospel greats. Later, former Massive Attack cohort Tricky endorsed her music video for Let It Shine on his Facebook page,adding to her street cred immensely.

Now Salio has performed in venues and festivals from New Orleans to New York, garnering hundreds of thousands of Youtube views and doing whatever it takes to have her music heard. And once you hear her sing, you understand why: this is truly Salio’s destiny. Take a listen to her performing live below:

That voice!  Bluesy, smokey and insanely cool, Salio has definitely got IT. And we think that’s very crushworthy.


What is your definition of romance?

My definition of romance is somebody who puts the extra effort into showing that they care for you and keeps surprising you with what they do.

What’s your instant deal breaker?

If he treats anyone badly or in a negative manner. For example, I can’t stand anyone who thinks that people in the service industry are there merely to serve them and therefore treats them as less than an equal. I have been out with guys who try to show that they are important and strong by talking down to staff which surround them and all I see is an egotistical idiot. This to me signifies an unkind and selfish person and somebody who I would never want to associate with, yet alone become romantically involved with.


What’s the strangest thing someone has done to get your attention?

I was staying at my uncle’s house on the fifth floor of an apartment building and one boy got hold of a fire engine with a ladder on the back of it to present some roses to me at the window. Unfortunately for him I was not impressed so I took the roses, cut the heads off them and threw the pieces back at him before closing the window.

How do you keep romance alive in your relationship?

Try to do different things such as change your scenery, change your routines and experience new things together.

What’s the best piece of romance advice you have ever received?

Just be you.

Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly