Ask your #WCW with Rebecca Meir-Liebman of Chef&Somm.

Our #WCW this week is the Somm. to Monday’s Chef Eyal, the sweet and savvy Rebecca Meir-Liebman from Chef&Somm. 
I remember meeting Rebecca at an L is For…(the previous incarnation of Chef&Somm.) dinner a while back.  I remember marveling at her knowledge of wine, and the passion she showed for her chosen profession. It’s that passion, as well as her and Eyal’s mutual adoration of food, and kindness to those around them, that draw me back to this incredible couple time and again. That’s right, it’s not just because I eat incredible food and drink incredible wine at the events they host – though I do love them for that!
As Eyal’s partner in life and in business, Rebecca is usually the star at the front of the house, while Eyal reigns as king of the kitchen. This expertly trained sommelier has honed her skills in some of Toronto’s most acclaimed restaurants, including Canoe, Luma, and BLU Ristorante. She’s also lent her talents to the folks at Maple Leafs Sport & Entertainment. Always learning and growing, Rebecca is always cultivating new relationships with winemakers so that she can continue to broaden the knowledge and creativity she draws on as the Somm. to Eyal’s Chef.
We talked about how the way to one’s heart is usually through the stomach, in the case of Eyal, but I don’t think I’ve met anyone who hasn’t fallen for the seductive powers of a fine wine. And on that note, let’s take a read at the lovely Rebecca’s insightful and inspiring views on romance below:


What is your definition of romance?
I believe that real romance comes from deep inside, from love, compassion, passion and care. I hate faked romance, and unfortunately you can see it around a lot. It is not about flowers, candles or any other “staging”.
Working in romantic restaurants for years and opening extremely expensive wines for couples celebrating their anniversaries, I noticed that if there was no love there, even the most expensive wine wouldn’t bring the romance… Romance comes from within and nothing external will make a difference.
What is your ideal first date/ what’s the best date you’ve ever been on?
My ideal date involves great food and substantial wines of course… I don’t care if it is in a restaurant, the middle of a field, the beach, home or even a rooftop. If the right person, and the right flavours are there, than it is an ideal date.
I admit, food is the way to my heart. I find cooking to be a labour of love, so having someone cook a spectacular dinner for me, is the best way to win me over, no wonder I ended up marring a chef…
What is the best piece of romance advice you have ever received?
I had a conversation, ten years ago, with a lovely man who was married for 50 years, and I asked him the same question. His answer was that you have love something about the person you are with, but do not expect to love everything! You don’t even love everything in yourself…
I would say even more than that, what you don’t like about your lover is many times also what attracts you the most to him/her; there are always two sides to the coin… Understanding that life in general, and relationships in particular, are not about achieving perfection is key to happiness and yes, romance too.


If there was one piece of advice you could give to other men/women out there, what would it be?
I am a big believer that if you keep on working on yourself and stay open to connecting with different types of people your life is going to be spectacular, with or without being in a relationship. There are many forms of love, don’t waste your life dreaming about an ideal relationship, just enjoy and cherish what life throws at you and don’t take it for granted.
How do you keep the romance alive in your relationship?
The way I see it, romance is a byproduct of love and compassion. If you loose the love to your partner, or to life in general, you loose the romance. Similar to growing grapes and making wine, love needs constant work. It is necessary for the grape to get the right amount of sun, nutrition, water, and wind to achieve a spectacular flavour. Without the constant attention, sensitivity and care for the vineyard there is no way to achieve greatness in wine. Same in a relationship, romance depends on sensitivity, attention, and intuition. It is about what your partner wants and needs. Or as the Beatles said “and in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make”…
If you’d like to employ Eyal and Rebecca’s culinary skills and wine knowledge to good use over the holiday season or in the New Year, reach out to them through their website now!



Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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