Ask your #WCW with Heather Ballentine

In keeping with the week’s theme of country music crushes, our beautiful #WCW is Heather Ballentine! 

Heather Ballentine, is a charming, talented, and down to earth southern belle who also adds the titles of entrepreneur, singer/songwriter, pin-up model, and actress to her resume. Heather and her co-writer Lary Bartley, recently recorded with Grammy Winning Producer, Pete Anderson to create her album, The Cat’s Meow, a record that captures the versatility of Ballentine’s signature sound. Staying true to her influences and inspirations, Ballentine pulls from old fashion big band music, infused with the dance inducing power of string, with a healthy dose of down home country music for good measure. Her retro charm and charismatic presence are a thing to behold when she plays live – she lights up the room.

Whether it be in business, fashion, lifestyle, or music, Ballentine’s style is always unique, and unforgettable. Check out her take on love and romance below!

What is the first thing that you notice about a potential love interest? 

I’m a total personality girl….I’ll take a partner who makes me laugh over looks any day!

Who would you want to have make the first move? 

Patience is not exactly my strong point, so I tend to take charge and make the first move.  But it can be nice when your partner takes charge too.

What is your definition of romance? 

Old fashioned chivalry! I love when someone opens my door, orders for me at the restaurant, surprises me with flowers, etc….I’m a sucker for that sort of thing and it’s definitely romantic!
What’s your instant deal breaker?

When someone isn’t nice to my cats.  I’m an animal lover and my partner has to love and respect animals too.

If there was one piece of advice you could give to other women out there, what would it be? 

Women are amazing.  We can do it all, but we take on so much and we are very hard on ourselves.  I think it’s so important to remember to love yourself, be yourself, and most importantly embrace yourself just as you are!

Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Addicted Magazine. Her myriad of addictions include music, fashion, travel, technology, boxing and trying to make the world a better place. Nadia is also a feminist, an animal lover, and a neverending dreamer. Keep up with her on social media through @thenadiae.
Nadia Elkharadly