Ask your #WCW with Erin Costelo

This week we’re crushing on Erin Costelo!

*photo by Matt Dunlop

Erin Costelo is a Canadian singer, songwriter and producer.  Erin was born in Nova Scotia and lived in Winnipeg, Toronto and Texas before making her way back to her East Coast roots.  Her love of music manifested at a young age, with Erin spending her youth studying Jazz Piano and Composition and listening to the likes of Carole King and Nina Simone.

With 4 albums under her belt, Erin can definitely be called a seasoned musician.  Her 2016 release, Down Below, the Status Quo was nominated for a total of 12 at the Nova Scotia Music Awards in 2017, including a win for Solo Recording of the Year, R&B Recording of the Year and Producer of the Year, making her the first woman to receive the prestigious award. Erin shared stages with Joel Plaskett, Amelia Curran, Rose Cousins, Amy Helm.  She’s opened for legends Mavis Staples and Dr. John.  And now, she’s got a new album set to come out this week, with a unique origin story.

Erin’s latest album, Sweet Marie, marks her 5th studio album.  On this record, Erin looks at a world and industry that pushed her to the edge of ending her musical career – forcing her to push back.  Self-produced and recorded in 10 days in January in a timber-frame home on the ocean in Little Harbour NS, Erin gathered together some of the best musicians in the country to bring her musical vision to life, including Glenn Milchem of Blue Rodeo on Drums, Anna Ruddick on bass (Randy Bachman), Leith Fleming-Smith on organ (Matt Mays, Hawksley Workman) and Erin’s long-time guitarist and partner, Clive MacNutt.  Taking inspiration from sources as varied as Ryan Adams, Randy Newman, and the Staple Singers, Sweet Marie is a genre-defying album that sounds at once timeless, timely and completely fresh.

It was Erin’s idea to set the challenging time frame, as opposed to taking her time with recording as she had done in the past.  So, to hold herself accountable, she enlisted her wonderful friend, Juno-winning songwriter, Amelia Curran to document the recording process.  It was also important to Erin to have a woman at the helm of the film.  The resutl?  “Sweet Marie: In Studio with Erin Costelo”, airing on CBC TV on November 24th, nationwide.

Sweet Marie drops this Friday and we can’t wait. Check out the video for her single “Lights down low” here.

What is the first thing that you notice about a potential love interest?

I notice their mind.  I have never been that interested in someone’s looks.  I mean, that is nice but I would never fall for someone based on how they look.  It is always after a conversation.  The nerdier the better, I guess!


What’s your instant deal breaker?

If someone is racist or homophobic that is an instant deal breaker.

What is the best piece of romance advice you have ever received?

Be yourself.  Can you imagine someone falling for the “imaginary you”?  When would you show who you really are?  Wouldn’t you be afraid they wouldn’t like you?  Also, that seems like an awful lot of work. Just be yourself.  Saves everyone time.


Describe your love life in one word


How do you keep the romance alive in your relationship?

We work together so the challenge is to leave work behind.  We try to make time to do things unrelated to our job as musicians.  Go for dinner or to a movie or for a walk and embargo any conversation about work! Which is harder than you think because we love talking about music! It is one of the reasons we fell in love.  But if we are out for dinner and the conversation drifts to OUR music we shut it down pretty quick.

Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly