Ask your #WCW with Basia Lyjak of Step Echo & Barbie Lee Jak!

Basia Lyjak is one ballsy frontwoman with a set of steel vocal pipes that have no interest in being confined to genre or gender expectation. From pop, dance, hip hop, AC, lots of rock n’ roll to her two current projects, Barbie Lee Jak (southern fried rockin’ country) and Step Echo (heavy alt rock worthy of a supporting slot on a Slipknot tour), Basia and and will sing it all with equal flair, power and passion.

So – does this intensity in her craft translate to her love life? We sat down with her to do a little digging and find out!

1) What is the first thing that you notice about a potential love interest?

At this point in my life, it’s not about looks. As you get older, you realize that reading and feeling energy is very important. Looking in someone’s eyes and reading their body language can tell you a lot – it’s all in that less tangible connection.

2) Who would you want to have make the first move?

The man, usually. I’m a musician that lives a very independent lifestyle, but also I’m very traditional in a lot of ways. Definitely comes from being first generation Polish Canadian. I don’t agree with all the old school values but when it comes to dating, courting a woman is attractive to me and a huge turn on.

3) What is your ideal first date?

That’s a tough one. I’m not picky, so a low key dinner in a quiet restaurant with candles and wine would be ideal, followed by a rock show. Getting to know someone in a quiet environment is just fine by me, but they’re going to have to be able to love rock n’ roll like I do! What is a big deal to me is having the date pick me up and open the car door for me. It’s something you don’t see as often these days.

4) Who do you go to for dating advice?

Probably my close male friends or co-worker who’s older then me and has dealt with many different dating situations. Some of the talks we’ve had would have you all rolling on the floor. Close male friends are always a good bet too, because they can relate to the guy, while being honest because they care for you.

5) Describe your love life in one word;

Single and won’t settle for just anyone so I can tick a box off on society’s “To Do” checklist. Been through a lot of different relationships and it’s tough finding someone who understands my music lifestyle. Basically, I know at this point in life what I’m looking for and that spark I’m looking for is huge – I’m a Cancerian. We are lovers and passionate people. Don’t settle y’all! Find that spark!


Basia and Step Echo will be hitting the stage at the Horseshoe on Tuesday, November 17, 2015 for Indie 88 & Dave Bookman’s NU Music Night, with Parlour Tricks, Goodnight Sunrise and Glory Glory!

Emy Stantcheva
Emy Stantcheva is a lifelong music junkie-turned-music biz dabbler, from music publicity and artist management to the not-for-profit sector. By day, she champions the indies at Canadian Independent Music Association and MusicOntario, and moonlights as Lifestyle Editor for Addicted and rep for southern rock n’ roller Basia Lyjak. A healthy living fan (yes, vodka is a plant), vegetarian of 20 years and lover of cooking, wine and craft beer, she’s always on the lookout for tasty and cruelty-free wares and fares. She’s also known for her hoarding of cats (she has four) and leggings (300 pairs and counting). With her feisty way with words, Stantcheva brings a fresh and intelligent perspective to Addicted’s Lifestyle section.
Emy Stantcheva