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This week we are crushing on country star Tim Hicks!

JUNO Award nominee, CCMA Award winner, singer, songwriter, husband, father; Tim Hicks wears many hats other than cowboy and trucker. The Niagara falls native has been making music since childhood, and will now be releasing his highly anticipated third studio album Shake These Walls on September 9th via Open Road Recordings/Universal Music Canada. Co-written by Hicks and produced by Corey Crowder (who recently celebrated his second #1 U.S. single with Chris Young), Shake These Walls is the follow-up to Hick’s sophomore album 5:01/5:01+. Made up of a mix of party anthems, blue collar country and free-spirted romance, this album showcases Hick’s evolution and his undeniable country music charisma.  “I wanted to show people I had grown,” Hicks says of the new album.  “There is truth in each of these songs because I co-wrote every one of them.  I have a personal connection with every lyric, every riff.”
The album’s first single “Stompin’ Ground” was the #1 most added song at Canadian country radio and the top selling digital Canadian country single during its first week of release, says Hicks. “Stompin’ Ground is a definite reflection of my need to constantly push my own limits personally and the limits of my music in general. My fans deserve that.” Take a listen below:
From local success to becoming an instantly recognized name in country music and a highly praised dynamic live performer, Hicks celebrated the upcoming release of Shake These Walls with a summer of fantastic live performances, including his 4th coveted slot at Boots and Hearts Music Festival (the most of any artist), where he took the stage with the likes of Tim McGraw, Blake Shelton and Dierks Bentley. You can check Tim Hicks out live on his remaining dates listed below, but in the meantime, let’s see how crushworthy he can be, shall we?

What is your definition of romance?

A bottle of wine and the kids at their grandparent’s!

Do you find a difference between being in a relationship vs. being married?

I think once you start living with someone, it’s the same as being married.  Deciding to live together is a big deal!  In my humble opinion, prior to that stage, dating or being in a relationship with someone is definitely not the same as being married.

What is the best piece of marriage advice you have ever received?

Just before we got married someone said to us, “Have a short memory”.  I thought that was brilliant!  For whatever reason, that really stuck with me.


How do you keep the romance alive in your marriage?

Ha!  Good question!  Amanda and I do our best to set aside time for each other, although it gets harder and harder with kids and careers.  “Date night” is a great way to spend a little alone time together and shut out the world… for a minute at least.

How do you balance your family life with life as a touring musician?

Balance is the hardest part of this whole ride.  I try my best to approach it all one day at a time, and sometimes I win and sometimes I lose.  Amanda is really great at gently reminding me to put my phone away and focus on being “dad” when I’m home.  When I’m away, we Facetime as much as possible, which isn’t the same as a hug, but it helps.

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