Ask your #MCM with Thomas Sawa of Day Trip

This week we are crushing on Thomas Sawa of Day Trip.

Day Trip is a Toronto based alternative rock band. Thomas, who rocks vocals and guitar in the band, is joined by singers/guitarists Nathan Jesionka (also on guitar/vocals) and Scott Hannigan (of Bella Clava fame) on bass and providing backing vocals.  Formerly known as Towers,  Sawa and company are travelling in a new direction, philosophically and sonically. And with a name change to Day Trip, the guys are letting us know that while they’re changing direction, they’re still staying true to what drew fans to them in the first place. That spunky, unapologetic Queen West sound that grew on the likes of the Bovine or Horseshoe stages.  That same sound has earned them a Top Ten spot in the 2015 Juno Master Class and opening spots for acts such as Headstones, The Trews and The Sheepdogs

Check out the latest single from Day trip, “Electric Lillies” and you’ll see what we mean.

Day Trip captures the essence of the Queen Street West rock scene with their spunky indie rock and sharp instrumentation. Electric Lilies is a tune for every mood. Thomas Sawa describes the track as having a musical ‘choose your own story’ vibe, that naturally dictated the direction of the lyrics.  . I’ve attached the latest announcement below my signature for more information, and would be happy to request a spot on the media list, if you’d like to check out their performance, as well! Hope you can catch the set!

What’s the first thing you notice about a potential love interest?

Confidence and spirit animal. I’m a sucker for Panda.

What is the best piece of romantic advice you have ever received?

Love is a rose but you better not pick it. It only grows when it’s on the vine….Neil Young told me that.

What us your definition of romance?

Romance is like an incredible song or a story. You’re entranced at every moment, and always surprised by what comes next.

What’s your instant deal breaker?

For long and winding love? We have to make each other laugh. It’s essential.  To help illustrate, I developed this complex equation:

Describe your love life in one word. 


Day Trip will be taking the stage on Wednesday, October 4th at Toronto’s Velvet Underground. Details here.  Get their tunes here, and follow Day Trip on social media below!

Stream and Purchase Electric Lilies:

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