Ask your #MCM with Simu Liu from Blood and Water

Our #mancrushmonday this week is handsome hunk Simu Liu, star of Blood and Water, Canada’s first ever trilingual crime drama that tells the tale of an prominent Asian family torn apart by the death and ritualistic burial of their son Charles. Simu plays Paul, Charles’ brother, in this breathrough television series that gives depth and realism to characters usually portrayed as one dimensional.

Based in Toronto, Simu is an actor, writer, director and bona fide stuntman. This former businessman (Liu has a degree in Business Administration and once worked at Deloitte and Touche) traded in his stuffed shirts and accounting skills to pursue an acting career. In a relatively short period of time, Simu has accumulated an extensive resume, acting in shows like Nikita, Warehouse 13, and Beauty and the Beast. Now the athletic actor stars the OMNI miniseries Blood and Water, a role that required him to study with a Mandarin dialect coach to perfect his second language as the series featured dialogue in Mandarin, Cantonese and English. Simu’s directorial debut was the short film Crimson Defender vs. the Slightly Racist Family, a comedy about an Asian-Canadian superhero named Damien who suddenly finds himself rescuing a racist family. The film premiered at the ReelWorld festival in Toronto and went on to screen at film festivals in Washington DC and Ithaca NY. The film also won the award for Best Ensemble Cast and the runner-up award for Best Comedy at the 2015 Asians on Film Winter Festival.

When Simu isn’t kicking ass and taking names in mulitiple languages on television, he prefers to take it easy with his dogs Barkley and Lily, and to give dating advice to online magazine readers. Let’s read what he has to say, shall we?

What is the first thing that you notice about a potential love interest?

Her drive and passion. When I meet a woman who is motivated and focused she instantly stands out to me.

What’s your instant deal breaker?

I don’t go out four nights a week and blow my paycheque on booze and drugs, and neither should you.

Have you ever done something crazy to get a crush’s attention?

I learned to play volleyball. The crush never panned out but at least I found my favourite sport!

If there was one piece of advice you could give to other men out there, what would it be?

Don’t be an asshole. Stop thinking about women as an objective. Be open to being completely swept off your feet and it will happen.

Describe the best date you’ve ever been on.

I wanted to see this girl on New Year’s but she had plans, so we made a fake New Year’s date a few days later, complete with the movie New Year’s Eve, champagne and a fake countdown. That girl is now living with me. 🙂

Catch Simu on Blood and Water on Omni television sunday nights at 8pm, and check back on Wednesday for when we interview Loretta

Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly