Ask your #MCM with Odario Williams of Grand Analog

This week our #mancrushmonday is the handsome and engaging Odario Williams from rap/rock band Grand Analog.
Grand Analog, made up of band members Warren Bray (bass), Alister Johnson (keyboards), TJ Garcia (drums) and DJ Ofield Williams, is a raw collective of seasoned record collectors, musicians and self-described beat junkies. Creator, lead vocalist and #mancrush Odario Williams describes Grand Analog’s sound as “a beautiful mess of Rap’n’Roll, Dub & Soul”- soulful and succint.  Grand Analog’s latest release, Modern Thunder (2013) lead to the band signing with Jillionaire’s (Major Lazer) new label Feel Up Records in the U.S. and the Ferryhouse label in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. These new partnerships led to the re-release of Modern Thunder in April of this year, an album that gained the group further acclaim from peers, fans and the industry alike, and also allowed them to branch out into Europe with 2 successful tours. Currently Grand Analog is promoting their retrospective album Roll Dub Soul Rap (A Collection), bringing fans on a ride through the hip hop band’s past releases. The first featured track is a remix of “Heart the Lonely Hunter” (off 2014’s Modern Thunder) by Muneshine featuring vocals from Ashleigh Eymann.
Williams took the time to chat all things romance with us. Take a read below and learn abou the Romeo behind the rapper.
What is the first thing that you notice about a potential love interest?
Awkwardness. I love the awkward gals that are just shy of perfect, having their imperfections shine as their best trait. Most of us humans spend too much energy trying to hide our awkwardness. I’m attracted to the girl that’s the first to admit how awkward and weird she is.
Who would you want to have make the first move?
Being male, and a rapper, is automatically a double negative in the pick-up game. You’re already perceived as a playboy and not taken seriously when making the first move. When I make the first move, I tend to have a lot of work ahead of me, especially because I have the word ‘musician’ written across my forehead. Socially, I tend to lay back and chill. I don’t make a lot of first moves.
What’s your instant deal breaker?
Whether she’s a good listener or not. If she’s cutting into my conversation with a completely different topic, and hadn’t heard a word I just said, I’m quickly turned off. Especially after I just spent my undivided attention listening to what she had to say. If it’s constantly a one sided conversation, with next to no attention given, I’m immediately over it… deal breaker, baby.
Have you ever done something crazy to get a crush’s attention?
Back in high school I had a major crush on a girl named Angeline. She lived on the other side of town and attended the girls-only private school across the street from my public school. I used to wake up extra early (I’m not a morning person) and take 3 buses to the other side of town just to “coincidently” end up on the same bus Angeline was on. It was my only chance to talk with her. She assumed I lived in her neighbourhood. For months I rode early morning buses for an hour to Angeline’s ‘hood just to bump into her and ride the buses all the way back to school. I was also charged for trespassing the day I snuck into her private school to visit her gym class, just to get a different perspective outside of her private school attire. I told the school principal, who was pressing the charges, that my name was Michael Jordan. She believed me.
How do you feel about public displays of affection?
I find it humorous and highly entertaining when a couple is madly making out (tongues out and all) in public, but one of them has their eyes wide open frantically looking around in terror to see who’s watching. While the other one is whole heartedly engaged, eyes tightly shut, kissing in public like life depended on it, not caring who’s staring at them. Now that’s funny shit… and kind of disgusting.
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*photos by Kevin Jones
Nadia Elkharadly

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