Ask your #MCM with Nick Carter (plus contest!)

This week’s #mancrushmonday is none other than Nick Carter!

If you were female and alive in the nineties, then you had a crush on one, or all, of the Backstreet Boys. The youngest of the crew, Nick Carter captured the hearts and souls of pop music fans with BSB from 1993 to today. Nick dropped his first solo album, Now or Never way back in 2002, going Gold in both Canada and the U.S. Since then Nick has put out two other solo records, I’m Taking Off in 2011 and All American, which came out just under a year ago. In between albums, Nick kept beyond busy with acting gigs in films like The Hollow, This is the End, TV shows like 90210 and Dancing with the Stars, as well as his own reality shows, House of Carters and I Heart Nick Carter. Now, Nick will be returing to the stage on his cross Canada tour, and we’re giving away tickets to any show on the tour! But first! Learn a bit more about everbody’s #mancrush, Mr. Nick Carter!

How would you describe the experience of being a teenage Heartthrob in the nineties?

The 90’s were amazing. The experience of being able to travel the world doing what I love is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I quickly learned that we have the best fans out there. Their energy and support to this day is just incredible. I would definitely do it all over again.

What is the strangest thing a fan has ever done to get your attention?

I love my fans and do what I can to involve them in my tour and occasionally the creative process (casting fans in Dead7) as often as possible. I may or may not have a song about a stalker though haha.

How do you compare the young pop star you were, to the musician you are today?

As a young pop star you are always learning and growing. Being a young pop star shaped me into the artist I am today and I wouldn’t change anything about that process.

What was the biggest lesson you have learned during your career with Backstreet Boys?

Being a member of the Backstreet Boys taught me the value of friendships and maintaining relationships through the ups and downs of life. We have always been a strong support system for each other.

What has the transition to a solo artist been like for you?

I am always working on something new and in creative mode so the transition was pretty seamless. The only difference is I get to follow my own creative direction on this record. It was a really fun one to make.

How would you describe your new sound?

My new record has a little more rock in it. Avril Lavigne and I did a song together that was a blast to create. I love any excuse to play guitar. It is also super sexy and of course upbeat.

How has the fan response been on tours through Canada before?

My fans are amazing and so supportive. They are truly who I thank for the success of this record. I’m stoked that I get to see all my beautiful fans in Canada. I love Canada and all the people are great.

If you could give advice to a new artist, what would it be?

My advice to new artists is to trust yourself and the direction you want to go with your art, whether it be music, painting or film. Everything in life happens for a reason and usually always works out for the best. I wouldn’t change any course I took in my career knowing that now.

Want to swoon over Mr. Carter in real life? Well you’re in luck! We’re giving away a pair of tickets to any date on his Canadian tour.  Check the dates here, and enter below for your chance to win!

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