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Is there anything more crushworthy than a rock star? Not to me there isn’t! And while The Dead South may not be full fledged rockstars yet, they’re definitely well on their way.

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Hailing from Regina, Saskatchewan, the band’s style and music transcends time. Styling themselves, in music and in fashion, as fun, modern-day hillbillies, The Dead South literally wear their genre on their sleeves, dressing in white shirts, black suspenders, black pants and travellers hats, making people wonder if they’ve stepped back in time when they see the group live and in person.  Strings from all genres and eras come together when The Dead South takes the stage; banjos, mandolins, cellos and guitars blend with some whistles, finger snapping and occasionally some head banging. Travelling, heartbreak and falling in love, these are all subjects tackled by these boys. Take a listen below to “Honey You”, a passionate tribute to, what else, but love itself.

Singer Nate Hilts took the time to rep the Dead South as their designated heartthrob. Let’s see what this #mancrushmonday has to say!

What is the first thing that you notice about a potential love interest?

Well to start off, I notice their eyes. If a woman’s eyes can pull me in before I even start talking to them then I pursue a conversation. After that, I search for common interests and humour. After all, if I can’t laugh with my potential partner then I don’t know if we can really, truly, be in love.

What’s the best date you’ve ever been on?

I like taking dates to the theatre to check out plays, maybe have a few drinks, play some pool, foosball, darts or just sit and talk. Maybe after a few dates I will take them fishing, kayaking, etc. To answer your question though, the best date I have ever been on was not myself taking the girl on a date but her taking me on a date.

The girl asked me if I was free on a Thursday night. I was, so of course I said yes. It’s usually me asking girls on dates, so I was very curious as to what she had planned. She came and picked me up in her truck, case of beer in tow and said, “I hope you like shooting guns,” I smiled and nodded. She took me out to a field and we drank some beers, told jokes, shared stories and fired off rounds with a couple of different guns for a few hours (safely of course). When we were finished she took my hand and led me back to the truck. She took me for a quick bite to eat (wings) and she told me to take her dancing. We went out and danced the night away.

She completely took control of that date and nailed it. That was definitely one of the best dates I have ever been on.

What is the best piece of romance advice you have ever received?

“Don’t ever choose a lover for looks, it probably won’t work out. Always go for the best times you will ever have with the person that makes you feel the best you will ever feel.”

-Bonnie Hilts

What’s the strangest thing you have ever done to get a love interest’s attention?

Oh boy. Well, when I was young, like other guys we would wrestle around trying to look strong and impress the other girls but that doesn’t cut it as the strangest.

When I first started university I was a single, young, dude hungry to meet new people and see what was out there. I took a French Education degree with a minor in Physical Education. One of the classes for my minor was “Gymnastics”. This was the perfect class to meet girls, right? In the class there was this one girl who always sat beside me. She was cute; she had these BIG blue eyes and a lovely smile. One day she said “Hello,” – I smiled and nodded but couldn’t get any words out. Later on in class I passed her a piece of paper that said, “Want to play?” with the beginning of a hangman drawing on it with six spaces underneath _ _ _ _ _ _. She giggled and started playing the game and we started chatting. She told me her name and where she was from. We finished the game and I spelt the word wrong. It was supposed to be “weirdo” and I wrote “wierdo”. She laughed and I put my head down in embarrassment. The class finished and we exchanged numbers and she took off. Unfortunately, I didn’t remember her name but I did remember what town she came from so I put that down as her contact info in my phone.

The next couple of classes she would come say hello and we would joke around a bit but I couldn’t remember her name so I would call her by the name of her town; she found this quite strange, but I was too embarrassed to ask for her name again. Regardless, she would often text me invitations to go to the bar. I was underage but I didn’t want her to know that so I kept saying I was “too busy.” She took this as “I’m not interested,” but she never gave up! So one night she invited me to her place for her birthday. I couldn’t say no to that! I agreed and we all met at her house for drinks. I was having a great time until someone said, “time to hit the bar!” I was nervous all the way there – how embarrassing it would be to be turned away at the door! Luckily, they weren’t checking ID’s that night and I got in. At one point, she excused herself to the washroom and didn’t come back for a while. I was getting a little worried, so I went into the girls washroom and found her vomiting in the toilet. I had long hair at the time so I gave her the hair elastic on my wrist and tied her hair back. I picked her up, got her in a cab, took her home and I spent the night in the bathroom taking care of her. The next morning I woke up on the floor and she was awake and feeling very sick but also quite embarrassed that I had seen her that way. I told her it was no big deal and then confessed that I had forgotten her name, and that I was a few years younger than her. She laughed and I asked her on another date. We dated for years after that.

And then there was that time I dated a girl when I actually liked her sister…I even wrote a song about it… But that’s a story for another time.

Describe your love life in one word


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