Ask your #MCM with Frank Kadillac from Neon Dreams

This week, Addicted is crushing on Frank Kadillac from Neon Dreams.

Handsome Frank Kadillac is the lead singer of Canada’s new 4-piece electronic live group Neon Dreams. While Frank is a Toronto native, he moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia where he connected with the crew that would eventually become Neon dreams. Capitalizing on the increasingly mainstream love of EDM music, Neon Dreams takes the typical production/DJ format of an EDM act and adds live instruments, creating a unique live performance that must be seen to be believed. The band’s latest single “Marching Bands,” features Canadian rap legend Kardinal Offishall. High energy, contagious beats and the ability to make you want to jump to your feet and dance; that’s what Neon Dreams is known for. Take a listen below:

You know when you just have a feeling something’s going to be big? That’s how I feel about Neon Dreams. I got the chance to hang out with Frank, and while that interview will be popping up later, I figured I’d let you guys crushing on Frank to get the inside scoop, before he gets too big to hang with us.  Enjoy!

What is your definition of romance?

My definition of romance is very simple; The Notebook, a tub of Reese Puff ice cream and a $15 gift card to Chapters…

What’s the best date you’ve ever been on?

I’ve been on some adventurous dates but I can’t forget my first. I didn’t have much of a plan or money, I was in grade 9 asked my grandmother for 20 bucks bought a bag of Twizzlers at Zellers and we snuck into Empire Theatres and watched 2 horrible movies. We had to call my mother to pick us up… we lived in our own world.

What’s your instant deal breaker?

It’s all about attitude. If you can’t be positive and have an open mind you won’t have a positive relationship.

What is the best piece of romance advice you have ever received?

Growing up my mother listened to a lot of TLC, so the best advice I got was “don’t go chasing waterfalls.”

What’s the strangest thing you have ever done to get a love interest’s attention?

The movie Frozen came out and my girlfriend at the time loved it, so I decided to watch it and my mind was blown at how good it was. Like some writers do, I kept notes of quirky sayings and left the movie with a title for a song I knew I would make called “Love Experts.”

I believe love fades and you have to find new ways to light the candle. When things started to get low, I sat there with my guitar playing chords from a production Adrian (drummer for Neon Dreams) made jokingly while free styling “if I could stop time and rearrange the world for you… I’d do it for you… I’m not a Love Expert but I’ll give what you deserve.” I finished the song, which ultimately went on to crack Top 40 on the Canadian radio Billboard charts. Looking back, it’s not strange, but beautiful, where thoughts and actions can take you.


Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly