Ask your #MCM with EAZIEDAGOD

This week we find ourselves crushing on EAZIEDAGOD!

EAZIEDAGOD is a recording artist whose mission is to put out positivity through his music. His musical style attracts people of all ages. EAZIEDAGOD has made a reputation for himself for being an unapologetic individual with a fresh and timeless sound in an industry where music can be a bit too uniform sometimes.

EAZIEDAGOD recently put out his debut album, It wasn’t Eazie. Take a listen to the single “You know I ride” here:

Fresh sound, positive vibes, and an ambitious mindset that will fuel his journey to the top; we find EAZIEDAGOD very very crushworthy.


What is The first thing you notice about a potential love interest ?

Before loving another you must love yourself first. When I see a woman who is fully in love with herself, to me that is super attractive.


Whats your ideal first date ?

Taken a stroll through the park, beach, or walking through the city. Tasting difference types of foods, laughing & clowning around about difference things at the moment. Getting to see your real personality. You can be pretty on outside but I want to know what’s on the inside. Show me who you really are. #Authentication �


What’s the instant deal breaker ?

When you’re not real to your word. That’s Why rule #9 to being successful is very important. “Make plans and don’t share them”


What’s the best piece of romance advice you ever receive ?

Always give each other something to chase, that keeps the fire burning. Remember all the effort you put into getting that person ? Well never get comfortable, because what you “won’t do” someone else will.


If there was one piece of advice you can give to other men/women out there, what would it be ?

In life there are things we HAVE TO DO, but when you reach a point where you can do what you “WANT TO DO” never go back. Never stop doing what you love. If you’re in it for the money you’ll never have enough, if you’re in it for the fame you’ll never have enough. But if you’re in it because that something you truly love, there’s enough of that.. there’s enough LOVE .


Snapchat @EazieDoesit


Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly