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This week we are crushing on singer D’Meetri.

Dominique Demetrice Farrar, known as D’Meetri, fka “Dominoe Ch’Yea” is an American rapper and singer.

Hailing from Minnesota, D’Meetri realized early on that the only currency that matters is fans. Gaining multiple fans and booking show after show, D’Meetri soon became one of the “Most Wanted” targets on the Minnesota music scene. D’Meetri stretched out too as an entrepreneur, he founded One Life Nation.

“Music is still a business; talent is a shy little kid without that business. From marketing to producing to distribution, I want to know it all and do all I can.”

Overcoming adversity is something D’Meetri is very familiar with. He and his brother were placed in foster care as infants. They bounced from house to house as children. Finally they found a home in Maplewood, Minnesota. But like most foster home, D’Meetri and his brother weren’t the only children in the house. Home felt less like home and D’Meetri felt overlooked, forgotten. He began to search for ways to express himself. And that was when he discovered music.. It wasn’t until he was introduced to the church choir that something took hold of him and propped him up as never before. The sounds, so many sounds that came from him when he sang

It was the choir at his church that led D’Meetri tothe path his is now on. It was music that took hold of him and propped him up as never before. Despite his deep seated fear of rejection, he took a chance and sang in front of the congregation. From that moment on music became his focus in life. He began singing to himself when he walked, when he rode his bike, and on the bus. Singing was a way to get away if not go somewhere. Turning poetry into rap lyrics in school, D’Meetri finally found a way to express the turmoil that had built inside of him. In school, when he was introduced to poetry, he took the words and turned them into rap lyrics.

Soon D’Meetri found an idol and mentor in gospel rap artist Pigeon John. It was Pigeon, who at a concert in Bemidji, MN gave D’Meetri the nickname “Dominoe Jonez”. D’Meetri quickly began to get a reputation as a serious rapper. Unfortunately his studies started to take a backseat to his music. His future seemed bleak until his school principal told him about the High School for Recording Arts. Finally D’Meetri had found where he belonged.  That was when D’Meetri made the decision to pursue music as a career.

Shortly after graduating from HSRA, D’Meetri moved to Atlanta where he worked as a songwriter for Troy Taylor & the Bar Music Group. He most recently relocated to Los Angeles, and is in full pursuit of stardom. Take a listen to his music here and you’ll see that that is truly his destiny:

What is your definition of romance?

You know that super soft, sweet feeling you get when you know that someone is thinking about you in a cute fun loving way? Or like when you think about someone and THEN you feel that super soft, sweet feeling? That is my ideal romance! That selfless, always thinking of each other surprising each other, gifting each other, kissing each.. ok I think you get what I’m saying lol THAT is MY kind of romance. Like laying in the bed with take out from EAT24 watching something funny or dramatic on Netflix. Countless hours on the phone talking about nothing but the time flies like you’re discussing the most important thing anyone could discuss. Oowee I like love!

What is your ideal first date?

An ideal first date for me is actually like the simple stuff you know? Like going to see a movie then getting wine and going to a park to swing on the swing set and look at stars while laughing at bad jokes we make. I know I’m 25 but I think at heart I’ll always be 17.

What’s your instant deal breaker?

Close minded people. * shudders * allow me to elaborate. I believe that we live in a big beautiful world with so many different ways of life that are all centered around similar core principles. When I hear someone talking negative or down about a large group of people or a group of people, or people period I can’t get jiggy with it. Not passing judgement on people due to religion, sexual orientation, race etc is a major turn on to me. Those that pass judgement without even giving people the chance to be human and be themselves SCARE ME. Laughing But Serious… I had to spell that one.

What is the best piece of romance advice you have ever received?

The best piece of romance advice I received came from one of my closest friends. He said “To Love is to be willing for someone. Setting aside all your own desire, reasonably of course, to ensure that the person you love feels that love and understands who they are to you.” I nearly cried no lie lol


Describe your love life in one word

Paused. Right now I’m on a bit of a hiatus as I’m working on building a career. I think it would be unfair to my sweetheart if I were to start trying to nurture a romance right now due to how little free time I have. But when I DO start dating again… it’ll… it’ll be lit!

Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly