Ask your #mancrushmonday with Mark OldMan

Is there anything sexier than a tall, rich, and gorgeous….glass of wine? Certainly not to our #MCM Mark Oldman.   A gifted speaker, a talented (and award winning!) writer, and first and foremost a world-renowned wine expert, Oldman knows that nothing goes better with a night of romance than the perfect wine. With a skillset like that, it’s no wonder that Mark Oldman is this week’s #mancrushmonday.

What is your definition of romance? 

Intense attraction accented with mystery and glamour.

In your opinion, what’s an ideal first date? 

An ideal first date is like an ideal wine: it keeps you wanting more.

Who do you think should make the first move? 

The expectation is still traditionally on the man to make the first move, but it is sexy if the woman takes the lead.

What’s an instant deal breaker in your mind?

If she doesn’t like red Burgundy.
If you want to get to know Mark Oldman, why not meet him in his natural habitat, a food and wine event?  The world’s leading wine authorities, including the man of the hour, will help guests amplify their senses during a convivial collection of expertly tutored wine tastings during Toronto FOOD & WINE Festival. Taking place September 18-20, it’s the perfect place to eat, drink, be merry and learn a little something about all of the things you’d be eating and drinking. And who knows, maybe you’ll meet your special someone over a glass of Cab Sauv or Chardonnay. Cheers!


Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Addicted Magazine. Her myriad of addictions include music, fashion, travel, technology, boxing and trying to make the world a better place. Nadia is also a feminist, an animal lover, and a neverending dreamer. Keep up with her on social media through @thenadiae.
Nadia Elkharadly