Ask Aviva: Standards vs Relationship Status

Asking for advice when you’re unsure of something is generally the right call. Asking for advice from an expert is always the right call.  And when it comes to the world of dating in this digital age, we’ve got a great expert in our corner: matchmaker extraordinaire Aviva Reimer

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Certified by The Matchmaking institute of New York (yes that’s a real thing), Aviva is a relationship and dating expert, a life coach and a personal trainer.  Thorugh her company Perfect-Fit, she takes a very holistic approach to her work, believing that a person needs to become the best version of themselves FOR themselves, before embarking on their journey to finding a partner.

I’ve asked Aviva for advice for my dating dilemas more than once, but this time I decided to be selfless and ask a question on behalf of one of our awesome readers.

This reader asks: “I don’t want to lower my standards for a partner, but I also don’t want to end up alone. What should I do?”

One should never lower their standards when meeting someone new. Make sure you know what your criteria is in terms of values, dealbreakers, personality, and lifestyle. However, it’s good not to have any idealistic fantasies about a specific type person you imagine. If you are competently open to meeting someone fantastic regardless of a certain look or height,whether they may be the one you imagined or not, you will meet the ONE much sooner than later. As long as the boxes are checked in the most important areas of a potential partner within reason of course, anything will be possible.


Sometimes we fantasize too much about what they may look like and sound like, and unless we meet someone exactly that way we don’t look at anyone.  Often the person of your dreams shows up exactly the way you imagined but in a different type of wrapping or package. You fall in love when you least expected. So stay completely open when dating, and you will find your connection sooner than later.

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Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly