Anti Aging Tips for Males: Do Men Need Wrinkle Cream Too

As humans age, their cells begin to divide at a much slower pace than earlier on in life. As old skin cells accumulate due to this slowed division rate, along with other natural occurrences, wrinkles begin to develop in the skin. This natural sequence of events affects all genders, including males. With an emphasis on reducing or minimizing wrinkles of the face, anti-ageing tips have become an addition to everyday life. Women hold a giant portion of the anti-ageing industry; however, men require information regarding the ageing process as well. For men, such tips include:


  • Reducing sun exposure/ taking precautionary methods when outdoors.
  • Exfoliating the skin.
  • Eating and living in a healthy manner.
  • Avoiding soaps that are dehydrating.
  • Beginning an anti-ageing routine.


Cloudy days and UV rays.

Cloudy days can be dangerous too! According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, protection from the sun’s UV rays are still a necessity even on a cool or cloudy day as the harmful rays, rather than temperature, impacts the skin at a greater capacity. According to an article, ‘Anti Aging Tips for Males: Do Men Need Wrinkle Cream Too?, one benefit that the male body has in relation to protection from these harmful rays is body hair. Having beards or moustaches may be beneficial to men during prolonged sun exposure as they add an additional layer of defence. However, regardless of body hair, men need to apply sunscreen, especially when spending more than 15 minutes outdoors daily as the density of the body hair and the angle of the UV rays hitting the skin vary. The consistent use of sunscreen can help prevent the overall forming of uneven skin tones, wrinkles, and sun spots.



To promote a healthier complexion, exfoliating the skin up to three times per week will help reduce the buildup of dead skin brought on by ageing. Exfoliating the skin discourages acne, which could result in scarring (a negative addition to wrinkles), encourages cell turnover, and stimulate collagen building. Men tend to naturally have more collagen in their skin. Collagen is a structural protein found in the skin; supporting this synthesis will support a firm and healthy face. Along with exfoliating, hydration is key. Hydrating the skin by taking in the daily recommended amount of water supports exfoliation by expelling waste in the skin, providing for a clearer foundation.


Healthy Living.

Going hand-in-hand with hydration, it is very important that essential nutrients are taken in daily, tagged with regular exercise. Exercising daily has a two-fold effect. The first is that when exercising, muscles are being toned and blood is encouraged to flow more effectively throughout the body, nourishing all cells. The second effect is that exercise is a natural mood reliever and some researchers have stated that a consistent, relaxed, mood assists in the anti-ageing process. Stress affects the body in both a mental and physical manner and it is a necessary realisation when protecting oneself from leading a healthy lifestyle.


Avoiding Soaps.

Exfoliating the skin should be something that is done once to three times a week, however, using proper soaps that do not dehydrate the skin is a vital component to an everyday routine. Detergents in soaps sometimes lead to tough or dry skin and due to the naturally added Elastin and Collagen in the male skin, diligence is required. Appropriately hydrating will help to alleviate some of the side effects of harsher soaps. However, finding and using soaps that remove oil without leading to overly dry skin is essential.



Combining all of the previously stated tips and producing an established preventative routine, prior to the development of wrinkles is extremely important. It is easier to prevent than to react or reverse the ageing process. Washing the face and moisturizing daily, along with the application of sunscreen need to become routine. Additionally, the skin around the eyes becomes the first attributed with wrinkles as the skin is much thinner here. Applying eye creams and eventually face serums may also help prevent wrinkles.


Body, Mind, Skin.

In all, hydrating is the first and most essential factor for anti-ageing and avoiding wrinkles. Taking in enough water daily assists with all steps of the process and impacts the overall appearance of the skin. Recognizing that many factors are attributed to the ageing process, mental and physical, is also incredibly significant. Only then, can you take positive steps and approaches to getting healthier skin and an overall healthy body and mind? The three (skin, body, and mind) are dependent and reliant on one another. Exercising regularly, having diversity in one’s food, applying sunscreen or avoiding prolonged sun exposure, are all factors for a healthy body and mind, and therefore the skin. These are key factors in anti-ageing for men, preventing/ reducing the wrinkles.




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