Annemarie Börlind’s System Absolute Natural Skin Care

A lot of times we focus on addictions for people who are a bit younger.  But when we heard about a revolutionary skin care system geared towards women over forty that boasted new age regeneration properties, including hydration, bringing the glow back to skin, and reduction to of collagen loss, we knew we just had to try out System Absolute from Annemarie Börlind.

Using an innovative 3D matrix created with an extract of the tara tree to transport the active ingredients (enteromorpha compressa, also known as gut weed, extracts from the Persian Silk tree and botanical Hyaluronic Acid), this matrix provides a sustained release of the cream’s nourishing and supportive properties. The cream helps prevent loss of elasticity in the skin, a natural result of a loss of collagen and elastin in the skin as it ages.

The skin care system includes the following products:

Anti-Aging System Absolute Cleansing Lotion SRP $44.99 CDN + applicable tax
For demanding skin prone to dryness with loss of elasticity, gently cleanses and removes make up from pores. Active ingredients include hyaluronic acid; an ingredient capable of binding large amounts of water and, during cleansing, contributes to making the skin feel soft and smooth, and macadamia nut oil; to strengthen the skin barrier.

Anti-Aging System Absolute Beauty Fluid SRP $82.99 CDN + applicable tax
Used to moisturize and provide a youthful glow, independent or as a base prior to make up/day cream/night cream application. Active ingredients include caesalpinia spinosa gum (a substance from the tara tree), allows for a longer release time of active agents including assists in activating collagen and elastin; intensifies skin density; increases the number of elastin fibers; improves communication in the outer layer of skin and alleviates redness and irritation.

Anti-Aging System Absolute Night Cream SRP $102.99 CDN + applicable tax
An intensive anti-aging night cream with a rich texture, with the advantage of this combination is that its effect is released to the skin over a long period of time, including hyaluronic acid to form a long-lasting store of moisture.

Anti-Aging System Absolute Eye Cream SRP $54.99 CDN + applicable tax
A firming and lifting cream for the sensitive eye area with active ingredient from from the Persian silk tree assists in lifting the upper eyelids and, in this way, reduces signs of tiredness. Valuable plant ingredients activate the cell metabolism, strengthen the connective tissue and delay the breakdown of collagen and elastin. Puffiness is reduced.

We had the ladies (including my beautiful mother who is in her sixties) try out these 4 products, and within the first use, their skin felt immediately better and after just 5 applications they saw a real difference. Not only that but they also loved the quality and scent of the products.  All in all, we would have to say we are addicted!



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