Anne Sportun for the Holidays

Nestled on trendy queen west is a little place where pretty little things are made, what I’m referring to of course is jewellery.

For those of you that don’t know, Anne Sportun is a boutique jewellery brand which is the namesake of the Toronto-born artist who began making jewellery as a teenager. She deferred her archeological studies to enrol in a jewellery arts programme where she acquired her formal goldsmithing skills. Anne founded her brand with the opening of her first atelier in the late 1980’s. This was the beginning of a prolific career which continues to evolve.

To this day Anne Sportun still makes one-of-a-kind piece’s from bracelets to rings, necklaces and more, but they also house and sell other collections that are also all made by hand.

Nothing you find in their shop is mass produced, ie, you can get beautiful one of a kind jewellery made, right in our own neighbourhood, made with intent, and care.

How great is that? and that’s not it. Their selection is super, the jewellery is really great quality, and you can request and have made, exactly what you want.

What could be better when trying to get the perfect piece for that special someone?


Here are some of our faves:



So this holiday season if you are looking for something unique, that’s Canadian, and made with a little extra love, it’s probably time you dropped in for a visit to Anne Sportun.

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