And The Eyes Have It

Eyes and lips are two of the most fun makeup application areas. There is something relaxing about sitting and playing with colour and textures around your eyes. There are so many tools we now have to make our eyes the focus of the attention.

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Here are a few easy tips to make your eyes stand out. 



You can have all of the types of makeup that you like, but if you aren’t sure where to apply them or what with, you might end up in a spot of trouble. Many people are used to having a swipe of colour across the lid and leaving it there. However, there are so many options. Waterline, outer V, lid, crease, upper lash line, brow bone and tear duct. All of these are free to be coloured and turned into something wonderful.

This is a great video on the basics to help:



There are a couple of options when it comes to your lashes. You can curl them before every application of mascara, you can have your lashes curled by a professional – this is called a lash lift. Or you might decide that lash extensions are the best option for you.

Lash extensions allow most people to ditch mascara and falsies altogether.

The process of a lash lift is pretty simple, and an excellent option for people who want to test out how they’d look with those bolder lashes before trying lash extensions.


Lash Lift Process

  • The area is cleansed
  • Silicone mould or shield is applied to the eyelid (using non-toxic glue)
  • The lashes are then curled up over the mould using glue
  • One they have adhered they are separated too to give the best curl
  • Now the perm solution is added to the lash now
  • Wait 10-15 minutes
  • The perm solution is then wiped away
  • Setting solution will set those lashes in place


There are a number of different mould shapes to get the desired lift and curl.

After the setting solution is removed, a condition solution is applied. After this treatment, you shouldn’t get your lashes wet for 24 hours.

A lash lift will last 6-8 weeks.

You can also find a lash growth solution that you apply daily to increase the strength and length of your lashes. Here are 13 of the best eyelash serums that really work, according to Cosmopolitan.

When it comes to mascara, then two formulas are better than one (in most cases). Using a curling formula and a thickening one will give you thick curly lashes. 



There is a lot you can do to make your eyes bolder. Working with your glasses shape and style is best. From John Lennon glasses to frameless and sleek lenses there is a look for you. Big, bold cat flicks work really well with glasses and can add to the overall look.

Although learning how to do eye makeup with glasses can take trial and error. Here is a handy video to help you out!


Liner Shade

The black liner is a classic look, although you may need to alter the application based on if you have hooded lids or not. There are some eye colour and liner combinations that look amazing together.

Brown eyes look amazing with navy and other blue-toned liners. Darker toned midnight blues might look a little softer on warm brown eyes.

Green eyes and purple liner are a match made in heaven. Reddish undertones in the purple will enhance the green of your eyes as well as bring forward any other flecks of colour you have. Deep plums work exceptionally well.

Glowing golds look stunning on hazel eyes. Hazel eyes often have yellow flecks, and the gold can make them even more vibrant.

If you have cooler blue eyes, almost grey but not quite then an emerald green liner makes a great contrast. The green will highlight and green and yellow tones within the eyes too.

Grey eyes and burgundy liner. A royal look. The browny red tones of the burgundy liner look and feel decadent. 

A nude liner will make your eyes look brighter and wider.


Eyeshadow Application

To get a smoother eyeshadow application to ensure that you prime your lids well. There are several eyelid primers that you can try. Some eyelid primers knock out redness, others are designed to work well with glitters. If you don’t want to delve into the world of eyelid primers, then a quick application of concealer will do the trick. Your eyeshadow will stick to it, so you might need a few attempts to work out how best to blend it.



Your eyebrows define your whole face. This is something most people don’t notice until they have their eyebrows professionally shaped. You can give them more definition with ease.

It helps if you start with clean brows first, so clean them down with micellar water. 


  • Brush your brows upward, this will show you where the gaps are that you need to fill. 
  • Fill in the gaps lightly with an eyebrow pencil. Short strokes look more natural. 
  • Once you have filled in the brows, then brush through again – this time follow the natural shape. 
  • Once you have them shaped how you like, use a clear gel or wax to secure all of your hard work.



If you are hoping to look wide awake and ready for the day, then add a subtle highlighter under your brow, on your brow bone. Not only will it catch the light and give you a glow, but it makes space look more substantial too.

And that it’s! Simple tips that you can use to make your eyes the star of any show. It is worth remembering that makeup has no rules, so you can mix and match what worlds for you until you.


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