An ode to sexy summer hair with Shea Moisture

ADDICTED fam and friends, we know it feels like summer is coming but an end, but it’s still a hot girl/boy/human summer for a few weeks longer!

The heat was not playing with us, and although it has cooled down, all the wavy and curly haired naturals have been feeling the not-so-fun effects of the heat. That’s why we wanted to share some crucial tips and tricks for sexy summer hair, and some product recommendations from our friends at Shea Moisture to keep your tresses hydrated for the rest of the season:

We’re breaking it down for you by hair type. If you don’t know what that means, here’s a handy article to educate you, and a helpful guide below:


Type 1:

The Sugarcane Extract & Meadowfoam Seed Silicone Free Miracle Styler Leave-In Treatment is the ultimate overachiever – you’ll fall in love! It nourishes and softens your mane while detangling, reducing frizz and speeding up your dry time. The ingredients give you the slip resistance needed to smoothen your tresses, increase hair health and protects against the elements you can’t control.

If you’re letting your hair down for the rest of the summer, we recommend the Coconut and Hibiscus Frizz Free Curl Mousse to keep the humidity and dry air from attacking your frizz. This product is great to use in combination with the Coconut and Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie , the OG moisturizer that works wonders on your mane. It’s a known staple for naturals of all hair  types for a reason, and one of my personal favourites.

If you want to keep it light, the Shea Moisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil line will give you continuous daily hydration with the coconut scent we’ve all grown to love. The coconut craze may be over but the benefits are here to stay. Some products apart of the collection are 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Rehydration Treatment Masque, the nourishing deep treatment that gives you manageable frizz free hair, 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Finishing Oil Serum and the 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Hot Oil Treatment.


Type 2:

One of the most underrated collections we’re giving the recognition it rightfully deserves is the Superfruit Complex. This 6-piece line has everything you need to turn a frizz catastrophe into a calm healthy masterpiece. One of my favourites from this collection is the Superfruit 10-IN-1 Leave-in Detangler. Not only is it a great base product to pair with others but it absorbs into your hair and is super lightweight.

Looking to get rid of build up on your hair and scalp? The African Black Soap Deep Cleansing Shampoo will get the job done, soothing your scalp and clearing anything that doesn’t belong on your hair shaft. Once you rinse, you’ll be left feeling maximum exfoliation and flake free with volume and shine to die for.

If you’re looking for a volume boost, the Dragon’s Blood & Coffee Cherry Volume + Lifting Spray is your go-to. Use this product on damp hair to take your dull mane from flat to full volumized fun then style anyway you want! Look out for a major boost of moisture too!


Type 3 & 4: 

*All the products below can be used for both type 3 and 4 hair types

If you’ve been doing tons of styles that have been damaging to your hair and need some restoration, Manuka Honey & Yogurt Hydrate + Repair Protein-Strong Treatment will give you the immediate results you’re looking for. All ingredients placed in this masque are there to repair, strengthen, and revitalize over processed, unhealthy hair. After 10-15 minutes, the deep conditioning of this treatment will take your hair back to a healthier haven.

Another masque that will give you the repair your damaged hair needs is the Kukui Nut & Grapeseed Oils Damage Rehab Treatment Masque. After just one use, your curls will pop due of the repairing ailments within. You’ll have moisture, softness, no frizz, silkiness and most importantly, healthier hair!

We’re sure you’ve seen this one before, and it’s users swear by this product: the Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Leave-In Conditioner. It can also be used as a great detangler; softening and controlling frizz. This product is also great for hair protection and conceals split ends. We highly recommend checking out the whole line and getting familiar with its bomb benefits.

Last but not least, is the Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Masque. We get it: some of you cannot escape dry hair no matter what product you try, but this product is bound to fix that problem, once and for all. This is an intense deep treatment, locking moisture and nutrients into your hair. It’s nickname is the miracle mask for a reason! Leave on your hair and apply heat for 30 minutes to see the magic happen. You won’t regret it and that’s a promise.


Get these Shea Moisture products mentioned above at Empress Mane, or the Shea Moisture website.

Remember, summer ends September 23. We may not feeling all the heat, but we can still bring it: naturally. Repair, hydrate, style and repeat!

D'Andra Montaque

D'Andra Montaque

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