An interview with the creators of re:set music series

Our city is so full of music events of all kinds, especially for electronic music lovers. Aside from the regular summer festivals and club venues, it’s great to be able to explore and find a different kind of event, catered to true fans of the craft. Enter the re:set series – a music series geared towards “the collectors, the record diggers, the enthusiasts.”


We caught up with Steve Marto and Paul Quzz from All Blak, two of the guys behind re:set, in accordance with Devv and Scott Mallette to pick their brain about the series.

What pushed you towards starting your own music series?

We created re:set as an outlet for us to play the specific style of music we’ve been collecting and releasing under All Blak. It’s a way for us to have fun while showcasing some of our favorite artists and labels. The party started out as weekly and then moved on to monthly; it allowed us to collaborate with other artists and promoters in the city while also giving us the chance to share music we’ve been striving to hear more of in Toronto venues.

“re:set is meant for those with an open mind” — Can you tell us exactly what you mean by that?

The event series is aimed towards those who are looking to find something unique. Musically, we tend to shy away from the everyday norm; We strive to have our own style, vibe and sound, it resonates with those who feel the same way and have similar tastes.

The music we are playing and collecting isn’t restricted to 4×4 beats, for example, the opening hour of most re:set parties usually features some of our favorite records outside of electronic music. It’s always nice for us to start a night that way because it sets a tone and makes everyone feel right at home with the music we’re playing.

Tell us about All Blak Records – who is involved and how did it come to be?

Paul Quzz & Steve Marto launched the label in 2014 and has since blossomed into a platform for us to grow musically as well as showcase up and coming artists we believe in. We are slowly building a great community of fellow artists and friends to share ideas and work on music.

With so many artists on Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud and similar online portals, what’s the record culture like?

Record culture seems to be growing faster than anyone could have imagined in 2018. Labels take on a greater investment when pressing and distributing records, it really de-clutters the amount of music being released compared to some digital avenues. But with that being said, we constantly find ourselves with carts full of records and many downloads through platforms like Bandcamp as well as Beatport… sometimes. The greatest part about collecting is how rare and limited a lot of these records can be. Sometimes when you purchase a copy, you’re one in a few hundred around the world to hold one; There is something special about that.

What sort of people are record hunters?

Lovers of music, constantly exploring for something new who come in all shapes and sizes. The ones who constantly have “the” itch to get something else.

What’s one record everyone should listen to at least once?

Astounded (Fred’s Flute Dub) on Bombay Records. Shoutout Big Lu.

Catch re:set this Friday at the new location.

Time: Friday, July 27 4PM – 10PM

Address: Press + Fold Record Shop: 1050 Tandy Murch Lane (Directly Behind 1050 Bathurst St).

Who: re:set & Press+Fold