An interview with Dragonette

* photo credit Gabe Ayala

It’s very rare that I get starstruck, but this past week, when I was asked to interview Dragonette, I felt a little flutter of nervousness in my stomach.  When I was subsequently told I would be interviewing singer Martina Sorbara, my excited anticipation grew. Dragonette is a band that I’ve been following long before I started writing about music. I loved their style, their sound, and the incredible freshness and energy they bring to Canadian music. Their music is the perfect bridge between rock and pop with just enough electronic in it to ensure you’ll find yourself dancing to one of their tunes in a nightclub some night. It’s been amazing for me to watch their popularity grow, to find myself swaying to their sound in Vegas nightclubs, when once upon a time I watched them play sidestage at Lollapalooza in broad daylight. So to be chatting with their singer, who I admired as a solo artist as well as a member of Dragonette felt like its own surreal accomplishment to me. It was also an incredible reminder of why I love writing about music so much.

Speaking of writing about music, here’s some awesome news I can share with you: there’s a new Dragonette record coming out!  The trio (Martina – vocals, Dan Kurtz – bassist/production, and Joel Stouffer) have been anything but idle since the release of 2012’s Bodyparts, but aside from the (always awesome) collaborations the various members have been participating in over the past three years, we haven’t heard anything new from Dragonette as we know it. That is, until now. Take a listen to “Lonely Heart” below:

If that whet your appetite for more Dragonette tunes, fear not; the new record will be coming out later this year!  And in the meantime, the band will be taking to the stage at some awesome Canadian festivals to keep us satiated until that record drops.

Until then, take a listen to my chat with Martina here. From separations to collaborations, food cravings and positive addictions, this was one of the best interviews I’ve ever done, and affirmed my lifelong Dragonette fandom. Enjoy!

*video photo credit Mackenzie Duncan

Dragonette Tour Dates:

June 18 — Ottawa, ON, Canada @ Glowfair Festival
June 25 — Winnipeg, MB, Canada @ Aboriginal Day Live
July 29 — Montreal, QC, Canada @ OSHEAGA Festival
August 20 — Wasaga Beach, ON, Canada @ Center of Gravity Festival

Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly