An Addicted Exclusive: Johnny Nobody

“My name is John Platt and I am a 23-year-old technology addict, coffee enthusiast, and music producer.”

By most standards, these attributes make Platt seem like your average 23-year-old struggling to make it in the industry, but on the contrary, he’s much more than that. After only a few minutes into our conversation, several things are evident – his passion, enthusiasm, as well as his knowledge of music are vast. Overall, he’s a confident bass-house DJ and producer dedicated to working hard to succeed in a business that is often times filled with wannabes and fame whores.

“I think one of the most important things a DJ can have is their attitude towards it. The “original DJ”, if you will, was someone who would play music no matter what it was. A DJ should be able to play anything and do it well. Your job is to keep people dancing and interested,” Platt explains.

And that’s exactly what he intends to do. Under his DJ alias, Johnny Nobody, Platt has been working hard on creating music that will satisfy house music lovers and keep them moving on the dance floor. “It should be about making music that makes you happy, and making music for music’s sake – something that interests both you and the people listening to it. There’s that feeling when you’re searching for music, and you finally find something that sounds completely different, yet at the same time is exactly what you’ve been looking for – that is completely gone from main stream electronic music,” he says.

Having formed his DJ persona about a year ago, Platt is dead set on keeping true to his craft and is set to release his debut EP in the early part of 2015. “It’s a big leap of faith for me to release my material. I think one of the biggest challenges for any up-and-coming artist is getting over that personal hump of letting the public hear your music,” says Platt. “But it’s that time now and it creeps up sooner than you think.”

Although Platt has only been seriously pursuing a career in the electronic music industry for roughly a year, it’s most definitely been a passion of his from a young age. Growing up in Oakville, he began DJing around 15-years-old and just recently Platt graduated from Metalworks Institute for audio engineering in Mississauga.

“As a job, and as an actual profession, I think producing and being an engineer has always been what I wanted to do. I want to work with big artists, produce their record, and mix their songs. But as far as DJing and producing my own material…I started to realize a couple of years ago that I can actually turn my hobby into something I can do on a regular basis,” he explains.

Having now built up a repertoire of songs, he’s ready to immerse himself in the scene and is excited to be playing live shows. Most recently, Platt, alongside DJ and fellow colleague Mikey Palermo, has formed a new event company called BASE. BASE is a monthly event aimed at playing the best in UK house, tech-house, techno and bassline. Already, Platt and Palermo have hosted six BASE events, the most recent ones taking place on Nov. 1 at Li’ly Lounge and Dec. 20 at Toika. Their next event is set for Jan. 10, which will take place at Toika, as well.

“We want our events to be all about the “user” experience. We want to play for the people, and we want them to come out time after time because of the music. It was a slow pick up at first playing at hole in the wall places to gain recognition, but it’s all about trying to hustle and get your name out there even if it does mean you take it with a shred of humility here and there,” he explains.

Despite the “slow pick up”, his hard work seems to be paying off. Aside from his involvement with BASE, he has also been booking gigs at popular clubs around the city. Platt recently played at one of Toronto’s newest venues, RED Nightclub, and is set to play inside the GUVERNMENT for a second time on Jan. 3 for their event, The Gift.

“It can be fun, but it can also be very tedious. It takes years of effort to get yourself even remotely in the public eye. So I think my main focus is to build trust and familiarity with people in the music scene – just getting out there and shaking hands with people.”

If there’s one thing that stands out the most about Platt, it’s his undeniably strong work ethic and his will to succeed. He’s willing to do what it takes without compromising his values and principles in regards to his craft. And so, as Johnny Nobody he will continue to do what he does best – create music that satisfies his creative needs, while at the same time invokes an emotional response from his listeners.

For updates on Johnny Nobody “Like” his Facebook page, and to hear his latest tracks follow him on Soundcloud.


Sarah Warne

Sarah Warne

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