Alternative Food Trends This Winter

As we move into another decade of shared ideas around the Internet, the growth of ethical food alternatives’ continues to increase and diversify. There are now more options than ever before for those who wish to avoid animal cruelty and support ethical supply chains. The benefits are clear; not only does it promote ethical lifestyles, but it’s also healthier and more progressive in general. Below we take a look at some of the significant ethical food trends available in 2020 and beyond. 

Photo by Priyanka Singh 

Dairy Alternatives

Over the last few years, soya milk has massively increased in popularity. The daily free culture has driven the growth, but it doesn’t stop at soya. More alternatives are now emerging, such as almond, cashew, hazelnut, and oat. This is excellent news as it takes the pressure off soya’s production and provides customers with more options to enjoy. This Winter, the dairy alternatives market will grow again this year, with oat milk set to be one of the most popular choices.

Fermented Foods 

Fermented foods are a seasonal favourite for those who don’t think twice about what’s in them. Who doesn’t like a party platter with pickles or a cheese board with some kimchi on the side? For those who do consider the contents a bit more closely, there have traditionally been fewer options. Plant-based foodies can’t eat the fish-based kimchi or fermented tea drinks. Luckily these things are now available and set to be popular this Winter. Even if you don’t like animal products, you can still enjoy your pickles in front of your favourite Christmas TV movie.


Alcohol-Free Beer 

Similar to dairy-free milk products, alcohol-free beer has been on the rise in the last few years. It’s been a combination of the new laws and restrictions as well as the increase in health-focused culture. Winter is typically a time when alcohol is regularly consumed, and weight is accumulated, but not with alcohol-free; non alcoholic beer typically contains far fewer calories and can be comfortably consumed at gatherings if you’re driving. There are now so many zero alcohol options on the market; the choices are endless.


Coffee Creations

Coffee is always a firm favourite at wintertime. Consider the wonderful coffee creations at brand outlets this time of year; there is so much to choose from. Now the market for canned coffee, famous in Japan and Asia, has opened up in the West. It’s a coffee candy bar style. These coffees come in small cans; they can be black espresso or milky white. They often have sweet and exciting flavours for every palette. Look out for this novel drink that’s far healthier than a soda.


Delicious Plant-based Products 

Plant-based products have also risen in popularity and in recent years and have successfully diversified into a product range to rival any meat-based foodstuff. Whether you want to have a full cooked breakfast or a delicious meat-free stew that is virtually indistinguishable, you now have the options.

This Winter, you can waltz into the supermarket and select some excellent meat-free and plant-based alternatives that will make the meat-eaters feel jealous.



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