Adulting Basics: The Credit Score

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My credit score, I admit, is actually quite horrifying. And if we are talking about adulting in that area, then I, Mark Munroe, have a failing grade.


After some bad choices in my 20s, of which I have spoken about very publicly, I have tried to better myself over the last few years. But admittedly, I could and should have done more to help myself financially, especially with regard to my credit score.


For those of you who don’t know, a credit score is a number between 300 and 900 that credit providers or lenders use to quickly summarize a person’s borrowing history and determine how responsible they are with credit. It pretty much goes without saying that we should strive to have the highest credit score possible. Unfortunately, mainly due to a lack of knowledge, many of us don’t.


I decided it was time for a change. So, when the great team from Capital One Canada came to me with a new tool they were rolling out that could make a big change in my financial life, I was psyched to jump on board.


I already knew that credit scores are an important part of your personal financial health. I know they can make many of life’s milestones a possibility, like securing preferred interest rates and purchasing that next home/condo or car. Now, I’m ready to learn something new.


Hello Credit Keeper!

Credit Keeper by Capital One has already been rolling out to Canadian cardholders*. Cardholders can check out their credit score and description of their credit health just by logging into their online banking account and activating the tool with their existing username and password. What’s more, is that with the launch of Credit Keeper, Capital One Canada was the first bank in Canada to offer free credit scores to its customers.

Please note: this score has been simulated to show the features offered with Credit Keeper by Capital One.


Since launch, Capital One has worked to continue adding new features to Credit Keeper, such as the Key Factors that impact your score and steps you can take to help improve your score.

I am using Credit Keeper as I challenge myself to improve my credit score and will be learning as much as I can while using this new tool from Capital One. The only question now is, are you ready for a change too?


Join me as I share my story on the road back to a better credit score. Capital One Canada will also be helping me share tips to improve credit scores so that all Canadians can take control of their financial future. Hopefully, we can all take charge of our finances and start adulting with pride.


* Credit Keeper is a service offered by Capital One and is powered by credit history and score information provided by TransUnion. Availability may vary depending on the ability to verify your identity and obtain your information from TransUnion. The credit score provided by Credit Keeper is intended for your educational use only. Lenders and other commercial users may use a different type of credit score and other information when making credit decisions. Currently, Credit Keeper isn’t available for Capital One customers who live in the province of Quebec, or who have a Capital One Mastercard exclusively for Costco members.



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